Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Queen Supreme


Queen Supreme instantly attracted me when I saw the first release of the Jeffree Star cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks. It looked like the perfect barbie shade of pink, and being a huge fan of Jeffree Star himself and the look and feel of liquid lipsticks… I had to get my hands on one.

Queen Supreme is described as a “neon pastel pink” and it is true to this in person. The liquid lipsticks dry opaque and claim to last for hours. Another huge plus is that they are paraben free, gluten free (uhmmm I dunno if lipsticks usually contain gluten anyways?) and completely vegan and cruelty free!

The Velour Liquid Lipsticks are $18.00 USD each and international shipping is a flat rate of $10.95 USD. The flat rate means it is cost effective to buy more! I would recommend going in with a friend and splitting the shipping. I bought two Queen Supreme lipsticks and paid the international shipping rate totalling at $65.96 NZ dollars.

Formula, packaging and shade – Queen Supreme does not disappoint! I love the shade and it is exactly what I expected from the sites images and swatches I had seen. It’s creamy and dries quickly to a full coverage matte finish. I also love the way that once it is dry on my lips I don’t need to worry at all about it coming off. I recently wore it out to see Ed Sheeran live and it lasted through dinner beforehand, a quick trip to Moustache for dessert and the whole concert without needing any kind of touch up.


My one main recommendation is that if you don’t remove it at the end of the night correctly you will wake up with a remaining solid bubble gum pink lip stain. So either roll with that or an oil based makeup remover seems to work a trick. I use my ZA Deep Cleansing Oil.

Have you tried any of Jeffree Stars’ range yet?

  • This looks amazing! I have been waiting for complexions to get more of these in stock because I really want the purple one. But this colour is so bright I could do with this too!

    • I was actually planning on waiting for to get their stock in too, but I just couldn’t wait any longer! I was just on the official Jeffree Star website and the whole range is sold out!

  • I love Queen Supreme! The color did look weird on me at first, then I fell in love with it when I pair with a few shades darker lip pencils; I find it hard to remove though! Felt like scrubbing my lips all afternoon and it still stays on and stains around my lips as I scrub

    • I was worried it would be too bright, or too neon but I love it! I actually think I read your blog on it first before I grabbed mine. Yeah, it’s a tricky one to remove, but I would much rather that then it coming off too easily. I can get mine off with my Za cleansing oil without any trouble though – so maybe try that!

  • Oh man these look so good! I really want to get one, I keep seeing them online. But still on my shopping ban πŸ™

    • How long have you been on your shopping ban for? Is it just for makeup purchases? I have been holding back a bit more lately with makeup purchases which has been good, but now and then I just kind of end up on a bit of a rampage.

      • Since January. Makeup and clothing ban, I haven’t bought ANYTHING! I’m so proud of myself. It’s running until I pay off my credit card so hopefully like another month. And then I’ll have to learn how to manage my shopping so I don’t go crazy with the shopping again haha.

        • That is amazing! Go you! I can’t believe you have seriously not bought anything? Like not even a top or something? That would kill me! So awesome though and I bet you are saving masses of money!

  • These look so prreeetttyyyyyyy πŸ˜€ I want one so bad!! xx

  • It looks beautiful on you Laura!