The July Birthday GoodieBox

photo 1 (23) The July Birthday GoodieBox arrived at my doorstep a few days ago now, and it felt good to untie the pretty black ribbon for the first time. After being a little disappointed with my previous subscription box (you can check out my review of Violet Box here) I decided to give GoodieBox a whirl – and lets be honest I had been thinking about signing up for ages! This box follows the same kind of story, you sign up for a monthly subscription – which for GoodieBox is $29 a month + postage, and receive a parcel in the mail once a month with 5 beauty products being a combination of sample and full size. It’s that surprise factor that I have a love/hate relationship with – I want to try out new stuff and I like the surprise element but then you of course have to be prepared to get products you might not love or perhaps be ready to get 5 samples rather than 5 full size products. The tipping point for this box with me was that it was GoodieBoxes birthday so the box promised to be super special. It also hinted at including a sample of Benefits They’re Real! Push-Up Gel Liner. I was sold!

So what was in the box???

photo 3 (16) ♥ 6 products in total (more than the 5 products stated on their website)

♥ 4 full sized products (Instant Hair Repair Shot, Linden Leaves Eye Rescue Serum, Carmex Lip Balm and the Duo Eye Shadow) and 2 sample sized products (Benefit they’re Real! Liner and Dr Hauschka Hydrating Foot Cream)

♥ 2 GoodieBox members deals – $10 off your next online purchase with Linden Leaves and a free makeupper instore at Benefit Cosmetics 

♥ Everything was packaged nicely and carefully and I love the pink box with the black accents

What did I think? The honest truth….

So although I wasn’t crazy blown away by this box, especially with it being the birthday box – I am pretty pleased and happy with it. I feel it had a nice range of products and I suspect (however can’t confirm as this is my first GoodieBox) that this box had more full sized products in it than normal. It’s a tough one for GoodieBox and I feel for them because there was sooo much hype and promotion around this particular box that of course there were some high hopes and now some sad faces.

And what will I actually keep and use? I am a huge Linden Leaves fan so I’ve already started using the eye serum. The eye shadow will go to my little sister because I just really hate those shades, and the lip balm will also be on the out as I am super fussy about what goes on my lips. I’ll give the hair treatment a try and I am looking forward to trying out the They’re Real Liner because EVERYONE  is talking about it However I am not sure if I will really get a good go of it with its teeny tiny size (the size of it is really a bit redic, even for a sample). photo 4 (8)

photo 5 (4) The Dr Hauschka Hydrating Foot Cream sample is currently on my feet as I type.I have never tried a foot cream before or any of the Dr Hauschka products and so far, I’m into it! The product smells amazing, is a nice consistency  and has the kind of richness I would be expecting from a luxurious foot cream. It feels super amazing after a really long day so I’ll definitely be using the other little sachet that I got in the box. In saying that though I can’t really see myself becoming a foot cream fanatic or spending $43 on the full sized product. But that’s what the GoodieBox is all about – trying new products!

My blogging buddy Lena also got a Birthday Box and has put her thoughts and feelings out there for all of you to see – she’s also done a fab review of the They’re Real Liner so have a look! To sum up this whole post is one sentence: I am currently continuing my GoodieBox subscription after receiving the July Birthday GoodieBox, and that is all 😉