June Favourites! Featuring Lime Crime, Linden Leaves, Anastasia Dip Brow & more

June Favs Believe it or not, but lately I have been totally calming it down with my make up purchases. After reading Hyacinth Girls post about spending money on beauty products as a beauty blogger – I had a bit of a moment. You know when you see a meme on Facebook and you’re like “whoa, this is totally my life, they wrote this about me!” It was one of those moments. So although I’m not going all ‘Project Pan’ (if you wanna know more about that ask me below – i’m writing a post on it soon) I am being more thoughtful about my purchases. This makes this months favourites even more special! Because they are carefully chosen and fully loved products.

♥  Lime Crimes Eyeshadow Helper / Waterproof Primer: This product was in last month’s wants and I am so happy I brought it. It has become one of my staple everyday use products, if I have makeup on my face you can guarantee that I’m wearing my eyeshadow helper. if you have issues with your eye shadow wearing off, want your colours to look more pigmented or need waterproofing then you need this in your life. Check out my full review here.

♥  Linden Leaves Herbalist Hand and Nail Treatment: The lovely people at Linden Leaves sent me a few gorgeous products this month and I am obsessed with this hand cream. It smells delicious, is absorbed quickly, actually works and is full of amazing natural ingredients. The sesame oil is helping to repair my nails and my hands are noticeably softer.

♥ Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade: After all the hype I just couldn’t handle not having this product in my life, It was Nana Wintour’s review which was the tipping point. I love the texture of the product and how little I need to use to get a highly pigmented result. It seems pricey at first, but when you see how little you use on your brush each day it’s instantly super economical. And is there really a price on ultimate brow game?

♥ MAC Pro Longwear Concealer: This is less of a monthly favourite and more of a forever favourite. I can’t remember when I first tried this concealer, but I’ve been in love ever since. It seamlessly covers up marks, imperfections, pimples and dark circles. I mostly use it under my eyes and to combat any marks and redness. Once set with my e.l.f under eye setting powder it stays put forever and doesn’t sink into any little lines.

♥ E.L.F Acne Fighting Foundation: My best friend recently did her first ever YouShop haul ( I’m so proud!) and within that was this foundation. She’s been raving about it ever since and so naturally I had to try it for myself. I mean, make up which actually helps your skin – how could I say no?! Although this isn’t my most favourite foundation, its amazing for the price and gives really nice, smooth coverage.I would say it’s a good work day/normal day foundation especially if you are having a breakout moment. E.L.F Acne Fighting Foundation is also one of Shannnxo’s new favs!