Kim Kardashian inspired makeup look – Collab with Elese, Aesthete

kim k inspired makeuI don’t know about you, but I often find myself not only fan-girling over Kim Kardashian but also lusting over her make up looks. Her chiselled contouring, flawless base and smokey eyes are always perfectly on form, I can’t enough of it! Elese, from ‘Elese, Aesthete‘ and I both agree that she is one of our top celebrity makeup crushes. So we decided to do a collaboration, and each chose one of Kim K’s make up looks to have a go at. I automatically reached for my contouring products!!

I started off first with my eyes as I knew I was going to be using a lot of dark shades and didn’t want to risk mucking up my base. I used a combination of shades from my Naked 2 palette and Sleek’s ‘Oh So Special’ palette. My top liner was done with the matte black shade in Naked 2. I could have gone with liquid liner, but didn’t have time for a mini meltdown if it went wrong. You can see I slightly extended the line out and up. Heavy mascara and my eyes were good to go – no time to apply false lashes, however next time I would!

I used my MAC Pro Longwear concealer and foundation for my base and set my under eye with e.l.f’s under eye setting powder, which worked a treat as usual! Getting into the contouring, which we all know is key with Kim’s looks I tried a new product. NYX powder blush in taupe is a great shade for contouring paler skin. It worked well shade wise, but took a while to blend in. I added my MAC creme colour base in pearl for a highlight and pushed that further by setting it with my Pearl Matte Face powder. A sweep of pink blush and eye brows filled in, all that was left was that bold berry lip.

I lined my lips carefully and applied MAC’s beautiful berry shade ‘Girl about Town’ on my lips, I was good to go! Overall this was a pretty heavy make up, but luckily I was off to a product release event so I got to rock it out for a while. I really liked the look, so much so that I will definitely do it again! Next time I would add false lashes and contour my nose more. Also I forgot to apply a finishing powder or spray, EEEEKK!! But it lasted all evening any ways.

Check out Elese’s amazing look by clicking here.

Who are your top celebrity make up crushes?

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