Konjac Sponges – what the heck are they & where can you get them?

konjac sponges Konjac sponges are the talk of the town at the moment – it’s funny how a little piece of natural vegetable fibre can cause such a fuss. So what are these little face washing miracle workers? What are they made out of? What do all the random different colours mean? And where can you buy one? I will aim to answer everything to fulfil your Konjac curiosity!

♥ So what exactly is a Konjac Sponge?

Konjac Sponges are made from a plant called Konnyaku which is native to Asia. The plant is known for being high in minerals and is actually a natural food source. The fibres from the plant are alkaline and pH neutral, which is why along with the minerals it can be great for your skin. Apparently people have been using these sponges for centuries on their skin to reap the benefits of the high mineral content. Being naturally sourced from the Konnyaku plant, the sponges are also super safe for the environment , they are biodegradable and sustainable. They are slightly exfoliating and can be used with or without a cleanser or face wash, you can buy ones for your face and body and there are different types to suit different skin needs.

♥ Do all the different colours mean something?

Yes! The different coloured sponges are all different types of Konjac which can help with different skin types and issues. There’s a huge range, but I’ll go over a few which seem to be super popular.

100% Pure Konjac (white) = It’s what it says, 100% pure & plain Konjac for all skin types

Bamboo Charcoal (grey)  = added carbon to kill blackheads and get rid of excess oil

Lavender (purple) = for cell regeneration – so it helps with light scars and acne

Lycopene (red-ish) = with added tomato antioxidants to help aging skin

 I like the idea that they cater to quite a wide range of skin types. I chose the lavender sponge for myself as I have small breakouts some times and have some light acne scaring.

Konjac sponge dry ♥ How do you use the sponge?

You first need to soak your sponge in warm water until it as gone from a hard rock to a soft squishy sponge. You then use the sponge to wash/cleanse your face by using gentle, small circular motions all over your face. You can use it as is or add your usual face wash to it. After using its important to not leave the sponge in a damp, wet place – as it should be left to dry before you use it again. Squeeze the excess water out and leave it in an airy space to dry – I hung mine up on the little curtain hook thing in my room.

♥ Where can I buy one from?

If you live in Auckland you can find the sponges in store at the Cuddle Buddys stand in Sylvia Park or in one of the many Asian beauty stores in Atrium on Elliot off Queen Street in the city. Otherwise there are many online options – you can find them on eBay or Trade. www.konjacsponge.co.nz ship them anywhere in NZ and you can also order them here at Konjacspongechch (that’s where I got mine from and the service was flawless).

My personal first impressions of the Konjac Sponges are nothing less than fabulous – however, I’m holding strong on my review as I’ve only been using it for two nights so far. Look out for a full Konjac Sponge results and review in the next few weeks!

Do you have a Konjac Sponge? I’d love to know how your finding it!!