Korean beauties and brands – a beautynet korea review

beauty net koreaEver since the outburst of BB creams into the western world I have kept my eye on Korean beauty products and brands, and my love for them has grown bigger and bigger. It seems that Asian beauty brands, especially in Korea, are always on the cusp of new breakthrough ingredients and they also have the most cutest packaging I’ve ever seen!

Brands such as Lioele, Missha and The Face Shop are now much more easily accessible in New Zealand, but if you really want to sway into the Korean beauty world I strongly suggest visiting beautynetkorea.com. I discovered this website about a month ago after someone mentioned it on Makeup Obsessive’s and so far I have purchased off the website twice. Beautynetkorea has a huge range of brands to chose from, a few note worthy ones are Etude House, Skin Food and Tony Moly. Just to top it off there are regular discounts off different brands, free shipping and free samples with every purchase. Another great feature of this site is that you can buy little sample packs of different products, which is perfect if you are keen to try out a few different things.

photo 3 (10)As the story is with almost every make up or beauty product in NZ, the Korean brands are cheaper on beautynetkorea then buying instore in NZ or from an NZ website. So I stocked up on my favourite Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream, but also branched out and got some samples of Tony Moly’s Panda Dream White Magic Cream, a highlighter called Secret Beam (I can’t make out the brand name of it, but it’s sooo beautiful!) and some Holika Holika black head nose strips. I am most curious to try the nose strips as they come as a 3 step system.

With these two purchases I got eight free samples overall of assorted face creams and products – amazing right! And shipping was pretty quick, around a week and a half each time! Let me know you thoughts and experiences with beautynetkorea so far, I am really keen to try more Korean products, so recommend me your favourites!