Kracie Popin Cooking Doughnuts

Kracie Popin Cooking Doughnuts

Through the wonders of the internet I recently discovered Kracie Popin Cooking, a Japanese trend where you buy little sets and make/bake mini foods which are edible. Even though it looked totally crazy I decided I HAD to try it, and I’m glad I did. The baking requires a lot of patience and a bit of bravery when it comes to tasting, but I may have just found my newest hobby.

Kracie Popin Cooking NZ

I bought two sets from my local Japan Mart (in Auckland) after reading about Kracie Cooking a little online. They cost me $6.99 each, but I imagine they are probably much cheaper somewhere online. I started off with the doughnut set and have put the hamburgers aside for a day when I’m feeling super focused (I watched a few videos online of people making them and it looks tricky).  Everything you need apart from cold water is in the box including bowls, a measuring cup and a mixing spoon. It’s pretty clever how everything is contained in one and even the packaging is used as part of the finished product.

Kracie Popin Cooking Doughnuts kit

One issue is that all the instructions and labelling is in Japanese, but there are a lot of tutorials, videos and translations online. I used this set of English instructions and also followed the pictures on the box. For the doughnuts you firstly make the ‘dough’ using a powder and water. All the water is measured out in this tiny little measuring cup which you cut off the corner of the plastic bowls. I found with my dough that I needed to add a little more water than it said. Once you have your balls of dough you use the moulds to get your doughnut shape. You have to use your fingers quite a lot to press in the dough and get a nice shape, it’s also a mission to get the doughnut out safely. My plastic moulds ended up cracking and bending quite a lot in the process but it was fine.

Kracie Popin Cooking Doughnuts mould

They don’t look so great at this stage, but once you have all your doughnuts shaped you can then whip up your icing and decorate them. The box had four doughnuts on the cover so I made four, but I had enough dough for five. The icing is really simple to make and you get three different colours/flavours. The only issue is that you only get one piping bag so I used that three times going from lightest to darkest, vanilla – strawberry then chocolate. You also get sprinkles and a kind of cookie crumble.

Kracie Popin Cooking Doughnuts icing

The icing and decorating is the final step of making them, but you can actually turn the package into a little doughnut box for them to sit in once they are all done. My boyfriend kindly made up the box while I iced my doughnuts and it didn’t look like an easy job. The foil is quite delicate and you need strong sticky tape to hold it all together. It looks cool all together in the end though!

Kracie Popin Cooking Doughnuts

As I mentioned earlier these are 100% edible, but I didn’t eat mine. I tried a bit of the dough, tasted the icing and the sprinkles but didn’t actually eat one as a doughnut. The product is labeled as a ‘treat’ so despite not being able to read the ingredients I am assuming it’s just all sugar and colouring. Each part I tasted was uber sweet and a little fake tasting, however not terrible. The chocolate doughnut dough smelt delicious like Coco Pops and the icing all smelt really good too, especially the strawberry one which was like strawberry Nesquik.

Kracie Popin Cooking Doughnuts

In my opinion it was worth the six bucks, it was quite relaxing to make them and I loved seeing how they turned out in the end. Also it was just something different to do! I’m excited to try my next one which is the hamburger set, it includes fries, two burgers and a soft drink, you have to use the microwave with this one which will be interesting.

Have you ever made one of these Kracie Popin Cooking sets before? What do you think of it? Let me know if you want to see the next one!