Last Friday night – Easter Weeekend


So what did I get up to last Friday night, and more importantly what do I do over the long Easter weekend? The long weekend was nice and relaxed for me and also marked the start of my two week break from work, woo hoo! My highlights of the four days include a new hair colour, relaxing, shopping, a blueberry latte and my baby pomeranian’s first birthday party.

Thursday night meant a few hours at the hairdressers. I decided to go for something a little different and a bit less just one bleached shade of blonde. I’m loving it! You may have seen the new shade in a few Instagram snaps.

On Friday I just fully chilled out, walked the dogs, watched TV, cooked a yummy Japanese feed and just relaxed. It was sooo nice!

Saturday and the shops were open again! The boy took me out to this super cute cafe in Parnell called Rhythm Cafe, famous for it’s blueberry lattes! We had a yummy brunch and then wandered around a few of the Parnell art gallery stores. After that we headed into the CBD and popped into a few stores. It must have been my lucky day because Daiso Japan had my favourite brush cleaner and sponge detergent in stock. I also bought some winter boots from Cotton On which I have had my eyes on for ages, along with this super cute faux fur sleeveless jacket which was a bargain at $10! I’ve wanted a cozy faux fur jacket thing for ages, but all the ones I’ve tried in the past have been unflattering and made my chest look hugely puffy. So this was a total win!
cotton on boots


Easter Sunday started off with a fun family brunch and then preparing for my little puppy Yeezus’ birthday. We decided to have a few friends over for some drinks and snacks to celebrate his 1st birthday. The day before I found a delicious sounding ‘pup cake’ recipe for a birthday treat that is safe and yum for dogs and humans. The dogs absolutely loved the treats and everyone else thought they weren’t too bad either. You can check out the recipe here – they are vegetarian with no added sugar, so make for a pretty healthy treat for you and your pets. The winner of the night along with the pup cakes was my bestie Melissa. She wrote Yee a card and gave the dogs their new favourite toys!

dog cup cakes


On Monday I tried to sleep in but daylight savings meant I woke up way earlier than I needed to. The nice weather made us decide to visit Muriwai Beach. I took in the sunshine and salty air while my bf headed into the surf. I wrapped up the weekend by walking the dogs, picking up some fruit and veges and going halves in my first Colourpop order!

colour pop

I hope you all had some fun this long weekend along with a bit of rest and relaxation, what did you get up to? Have you ever baked dog treats at home before? I’d love some more recipes!