Last Friday Night – REMIX + Smashbox, dumplings and rock music

lfn Last Friday Night – welcome to a new feature on Laura Loves Beauty. Last Friday night is where now and then I’ll share with you what I got up to on a weekend (that is when I do something more exciting than playing with the dogs and visiting Cotton On).

Last weekend I ended up doing a bundle of beauty and blog related activities. On Friday night I took along my bestie, Mel, to the Spark Lab Remix + Smashbox workshop. With Carolyn Taylor hosting, (remember her from What Now? – she is way more funny and entertaining without all the morning cartoons) and two fabulous Smashbox makeup artists all of our beauty woes and questions were answered. Mel and I also took the opportunity of being in Britomart as a chance to have Better Burger for dinner and then Milse for dessert. PERFECT LIFE COMBINATION!


I got two new tips from the workshop on Friday – have you ever tried these techniques out?

  • Use a cotton bud with primer on it and roll gently underneath the eye to remove any drop down shadow or excess mascara. Primer not only keeps foundation on but also helps get things off it.
  • Keep your lipstick looking better for longer by concealing around the lips and then powdering to set that before you run out the door. Also have a bit of concealer on your lips before putting on your lippy and always use a lip liner to line and fill before lipstick.


Although the rest of the #SparkLab events for this month are sold out next month there is a whole new theme and new activities. Have a look here!

Saturday of course was Valentines Day. Real Life Auckland and I went out for lunch before heading to  one of the free Music in the Park events in Kingsland. This event was my first ever rock concert, and although it’s still not my cup of tea (apart from the occasional System of a Down song) it was an awesome event with the perfect amount of sunshine. There’s a few more of these events to come, if you want to check them out click here.

I must still be on a buzz from all my successful cooking I did in Chiang Mai, because on Sunday I went to a dumpling cooking class with Brunch Club. For those of you that don’t know, Brunch Club is a group of NZ bloggers who met up and eat brunch – usually! This time round with the help of Contiki and Sachies Kitchen we got to do a full dumpling cooking class which was amazing. I seriously couldn’t even tell you how many dumplings I ate, even if I knew. It was so much fun and I got to see some blogging friends who I haven’t seen for way too long. My team’s dumplings were super yummy and along with Sashie and her team (who were so entertaining and informative) and the awesome people from Contiki it was a delicious Sunday.


I’m totally thinking I should throw some kind of dumpling party once the weather gets a little cooler!