March beauty haul – Neutrogena, Rimmel, Batiste, Australis and a cute lemon

March beauty haul

I’ve picked up a new things in the last little while, so today I thought I would share with you my March beauty haul, including a Neutrogena moisturiser, a Rimmel Primer,a new Batiste Dry Shampoo for blondes, the Australis Cream contouring kit and a Thai face mask that has something to do with lemons… I think!

So I was in need of a new face moisturiser and instead of going for my tried and true favourite, Physiogel, I decided to try out something new from Neutrogena. I have always been a fan of Neutrogena moisturises but switched awhile ago when my skin became super sensitive. This Hydro Boost Water Gel says it is proven to “continuously boost skin’s water retention” along with being oil free and non-comedogenic. My skin is oily but dehydrated so this ticks the box for me. The gel is a really nice texture and absorbs into the skin fast. It’s early days, so i’ll report back once I’ve been using it for a few weeks, however in the mean time you can check out all the good science about the ingredients in the Hydro Boost range by clicking here (this review is what made me buy it!)

I am a super regular user of the Batiste Dry Shampoo range (every other day) as I get oily hair and it drives me crazy. I thought I had tried all the scents so when I saw this one at The Warehouse it caught my eye. To be honest I don’t mind if it just ends up to be the same as the usual ones, but it would be great if it isn’t such a white shade in my hair. I’ll let you know once I finish the can I’m currently using.

Australis cream contour kit

So I didn’t actually buy the Australis Cream Contour kit because I couldn’t justify the purchase with already owning the powder Australis contour kit and the Anastasia Beverly Hills powder kit (which of these two are the best? Find out here!) And lets face it, I only do full contouring every now and then, but I really wanted to try cream contouring and luckily I ended up getting one in a goodie bag! I am so glad I finally ended up with one because I really like it! I find the cream is much easier to apply and blend, especially compared to it’s Australis powder sister which I found too powdery and the contour shades came up muddy on my face. The lightest highlight shade is perfect for under eyes, I set it with my ABH banana powder for perfection.

There is constant raving online about the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer, and because I am on that no shine all day craving I decided to give it a go. It one hundred percent keeps the shine and oil away, but I’m not a huge fan of the PVA glue look and smell of the product, and also my foundation and concealer is quite hard to apply on top of it. The primer kind of grabs hold of anything you put on afterwards which makes spreading and blending product very difficult. You need to use the smallest amount possible to minimise this problem and also I prefer to only use it in my oily areas rather than all over the face. I’ve found doing this and letting it set on my skin before applying other products helps too. I’m still a bit weary of it though.

rimmel stay matte primer

Isn’t this little lemon the cutest thing ever?! I picked up this face mask while I was in Thailand in a 7/11 store and it was cheap as chips! The words ‘AHA and BHA’ caught my eye, not only because it’s the only English on the package but because I know those are good for my skin. It was a bit difficult not being able to read any instructions, but instead I took advice from my friend who I had given one of the face masks to and who had tried it the night before and just followed what he did. I applied it all over my face, and rinsed it off after 10 mins. My skin felt so good afterwards and there wasn’t actually a lot to rub off, most of it had soaked in. I still have about half of the pack left which I am using tonight. Have you ever brought skincare from a 7/11 before? You can see what else I picked up from the convenience store in Thailand by clicking here.

Have you tried any of these products recently? I’d love to know what you think of them!