Lime Crime Eye Shadow Helper – Waterproof Primer Review!

Lime-Crime-Eyeshadow-Helper-Waterproof-Primer Seriously, whatever you are doing just stop it right now. Just stop and read this review while simultaneously finding this product online and buying it immediately. This is my product of 2014 so far. The product of 2014. Yup – there you go, I’ve said it. You know those moments where you want a product to do a specific thing, so you buy a product which says it does that thing – and then it actually does!!!! Those are the feels I have experienced with Lime Crimes Eye Shadow Helper. 

What first got me on to this primer was a short video someone posted on Facebook (which cannot for the life of me find ANYWHERE) – the video compared the pigmentation of one eye shadow swatched on a hand, one swatch with the primer and one without – the difference was mind blowing. The video also proved the primers waterproof capabilities by running a stream of water over the swatches and then rubbing over them with a finger quite roughly. The Lime Crime primer shadow did not budge or smudge an inch, and that’s when I knew I needed to try it.

I hadn’t ever considered eye shadow primer to be a necessity in the past, to be honest I though it was a bit of a gimmick. However, I have definitely gone through the annoyance of checking my face at the end of the day to see 70% of my carefully placed and blended eye shadow completely gone. Before Lime Crime I had tried one other eye shadow primer which I got as a sample in one of my Nordstrom hauls, ‘NARS smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base’. It felt nice, provided a good base for my shadows but didn’t provide the longevity I was searching for. With this Eye Shadow Helper my eye make up (eye shadow and liner) stays perfectly in place all day. When I look in the mirror at 5pm it’s as if I had just put it on at 7.30am.

The primer has a nice light texture in a pearl-ish shimmery shade. A little bit goes a really long way which is good and it even has a super nice highlighting effect if I take it all the way up to my brow bone and leave that part shadow free. You can put your eye shadows on straight after spreading the product on your eye lids, so there’s no like waiting around drying time or anything like that. The only thing I recommend being weary of is accidentally getting it in your lashes, I did this last week and it was kind of like having end of the night eye lash glue on them – not pretty! Although I can’t speak to the waterproof strength of the primer personally (I’m not one of those crazy people who go swimming at the beach in the middle of winter) I can’t see how it could be a let down. The only time my primed eye lids have come into contact with a form of water is when I went ice skating last week, and even after skating and sliding around in the ice my eye make up was perfect when I got home.

♥ Buy it: I got mine from, but you can purchase it from most Lime Crime                      stockists.

♥ Price: $20 – $30 NZD

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♥ I team it with: MAC Fix + spray for the longest lasting make up ever!!!