Linden Leaves Product Review & Competition Details

natur I recently got sent some goodies from the lovely people at Linden Leaves to try, and I have gone from never, ever hearing of this brand before to being totally in love with it! If you are like the old me and haven’t heard of Linden Leaves before – It is an NZ company which is cruelty free using natural ingredients in recyclable packaging. Many of their products are even produced by hand so they do really have quite a special touch to them. Keep reading to see what I think of their products and how to enter their Lip Balm competition!

Spotlight on: Herbalist Hand and Nail Treatment

This hand cream is like no other I have tried before. Firstly it has this nice, natural, sweet smell to it and then the smooth and creamy, yet not oily texture of the lotion follows suit. The product soaks into the skin quickly and leaves no residue apart from leaving your hands soft and nicely moisturised. The sesame oil has really helped to strengthen my nails which I have been working on to get to grow for the last few weeks now. I really like using this treatment after washing my hands at work, as the soap there is super drying and clearly not made for sensitive skin (you know the kind of soap I mean, like public bathroom soap). I would definitely say that this is a – ok for those with sensitive skin! Get it online or in store for $29.99 NZD

Spotlight on: Lip Balm – with organic white tea and manuka honey

At first I wasn’t too fussed about this lip balm because I am addicted to my EOS lip balms – but it was funny that as soon as I had a bit of a lip emergency I turned first to the Linden Leaves Lip Balm. Once in a blue moon I get these frustrating lip splits in the sides/corners of my mouth, it’s usually when I am really stressed or tired. I noticed them coming on at the beginning of the week and started to freak a bit because I have my ball on the weekend.Luckily I remembered my Linden Leaves Lip Balm. I usually put natural plain honey on my splits because its moisturising and anti-bacterial – but it looks pretty strange having yellow blobs on the corners of my mouth. The manuka honey in Linden’s lip balm did the trick and stopped my splits, so now I don’t have to worry about a weird lip situation this weekend. I’ve been using the lip balm as my daily product since then. Get it online or in store for $14.99 NZD linden leaves products

Competition Time!

Linden Leaves Parnell are giving away one Linden Leaves Lip Balm this week! All you have to do is ‘LIKE’ their page and ‘LIKE’ the competition post to be into win. Click here for all the dets!

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