Lioele AC Control Night Spot Review

Lioele AC Control Night Spot

The Lioele AC Control Night Spot is a product specifically created to target pimples and problem spots and make them disappear literally over night. It’s quickly become my go to product for any small white heads that pop up or those super frustrating bumps which you just know are going to develop into something sinister! Luckily the Lioele AC Control Night Spot dries them up quick before they have even had a chance to come through.ย 

It’s very different to any kind of spot treatment I’ve ever tried before. Instead of being in a tube or tub, the Lioele AC Control Night Spot comes in a small jar where you can see fine pink powder settled at the bottom with a layer of clear liquid on the top. The instructions on the box tell you that you need to wait for the pink powder to settle before using, so this is a product you need to keep upright at all times.

To apply the product you take a cotton bud and dip it straight down into the jar and into the pink powder then take it out. You then dab the product directly onto any problem spots after finishing with your usual skincare routine. The product dries on the skin quick quickly and as the name ‘night spot’ suggests, you leave it on overnight. It has a bit of a strong scent in the jar (to be honest it’s almost a bit like nail polish remover) however when on the skin you can’t smell it at all. It dries as the same baby pink colour you can see on the jar so it isn’t the most glamorous bed time look, but by the morning I find the colour is basically all gone and I just rinse any residue off with my usual morning cleanser.

Lioele Night Spot

This magical pink powder works super well at drying out pimples. For me it works over night on any small white heads or small to medium sized bumps. I have been most impressed at how it gets rid of any soon-to-be pimples quickly so that they never actually get to the surface. It has become a staple in my night time skincare routine.

I purchased my Lioele AC Control Night Spot fromย for $16.95 NZD. The shipping was not only free but super quick! This Lioele product is actually a dupe for the crazy popular Mario Badescu drying lotion (one of Kim K’s favourite brands) which is currently available online at for $26.00. However, after seeing how well Lioele works I’m not tempted to try the more expensive one at all!