Kylie Cosmetics – Koko K and Posie K

Lip Kit by Kylie Koko K Posie K

I did it, I finally did it, I got my hands on some Lip Kits by Kylie. Koko K and Posie K. Just by chance I saw online that someone had purchased a few and “there was heaps of stock left”. All of a sudden I was checking out and charging my credit card too many American dollars. Do I like them? Yes! Do I love them? I’m still not sure…..

♥ Purchasing and Shipping

As long as you are online right when the site is restocked and you are fast you won’t have a problem buying a Lip Kit. Kylie announces across social media the times when the site will be restocked and it seems that with each new restock the products sell a little slower, which means it’s easier to grab what you want. Koko K and Posie K were $29.00 USD each ($40.13 NZD) and shipping for the two products to New Zealand was  $14.95 USD ($20.69 NZD). So overall not a cheap purchase. However, If you consider that in each Lip Kit you get a liner and a liquid lipstick then it’s a little easier to justify.

I made my order on the 25th of June, my order was shipped from the US on the 29th of June and it arrived in my letterbox on the 4th of July. I was sent two email notifications during the process and also had the tracking number so I could see when the parcel arrived in NZ. From purchase through processing and delivery I was kept updated and I am impressed with the short length of time it took to get to me. Specifically with the high volume of orders they get!

Kylie Cosmetics order received

♥ Formula

Koko K and Posie K are both from the matte range. They are described as “ultra long wearing” with a creamy texture which is highly pigmented for a bold look. They are beautifully creamy and soft and I would agree that the shades are highly pigmented and the colour pay off is exactly what you see online. However, I would say they are long wearing, but not ultra long wearing. I’ve found if I apply it in the morning it will usually last until the end of the work day, depending on what I have eaten or put on my lips.

The matte liquid lipsticks are stated to include moisturising ingredients to ensure that they don’t dry out your lips. I get a slightly dry feeling after around 4 hours of wear, but it is nothing uncomfortable or annoying. My biggest issue with these lipsticks is that they can begin to feather off towards the end of the day and you get these little flecks of the colour coming off your lips. I have found that this most commonly happens if I have eaten and drunk a bunch of different things during the day. It also feathers immediately if you apply lip balm underneath or over the lipstick.

The shades don’t transfer if you eat or drink which is a total plus for me. I also have a major issue with lipsticks transferring from my bottom lip onto my chin, but the lip kits have never done this to me! The smell of the formula is incredible, it’s a little like vanilla cookie dough.

koko k and posie k

The packaging very clearly says that you should apply only one coat, but I probably apply more in places. Not because I need the colour to build up (the shades are beautiful even with the thinest coat), but because it takes me a while to get the right line. I definitely notice the product lasting better when used as a duo, liner then lipstick. The liner on its own doesn’t last very long, however you could get away with just the liquid lipstick if you are okay with more dryness.

♥ Koko K

Koko K is described as a pinky pale nude. It’s a fantastic everyday shade and goes with almost every look. Also as it does start to feather off it doesn’t look tacky as it is such a natural shade that I find my lips just gradually kind of fade into my natural tone.

♥ Posie K

Posie K is described as a dusty, mauve pink. It has a touch of purple and is a brighter tone than Koko K. It’s a really wearable shade and wears off the same as Koko K. Something I have noticed though is that it can look very different depending on your skin tone, so look up swatches before you buy!

posie k koko k swatches

I’d love to know if you have also brought a Lip Kit by Kylie and what you think of it? Does anyone else experience the same feathering as me?