Lipidol After Shower Oil Review – Is it just baby oil?

lipidol review

I’ll be honest, when I first saw the Lipidol After Shower oil I thought “is this just baby oil?” – and now I know that it kind of is, but also it kind of isn’t. This body oil is made to replace and lock in moisture after you get out of the hot shower (which we know can be pretty drying on the skin). I always have the best intentions of using body moisturiser after a shower but it hardly ever happens. I don’t know if it’s a time factor or just the effort, however I decided to buy the oil and really give it a good shot. The fact that it is from the makers of Bio-Oil was also quite a selling point to me and it seemed like it wouldn’t upset my sensitive skin.

I have been using the oil for about two weeks now and have really been happy with its effects. Although I definitely haven’t used it after every shower (old habits die hard), I have used it much more than any other body moisturiser. This is probably partly due to the novelty of it, the fact that I want smooth summer skin and also that it is really easy to use. Just like the packaging, the product is simple and easy yet does the job. Also my skin is crazy sensitive at the moment, and not only has the oil been okay for it but it’s also helped soothe it.

A small pool of oil in my hand is enough for my whole body. The oil is soaked in pretty quickly and it leaves a gentle satin feeling to my skin. Like the kind of feeling where I can tell it’s there but it’s not ick or greasy. I will add in here that my boyf also tried it the first time with me and didn’t like that afterwards moisturised feeling – but we put it down to his skin just not really being dry enough to need it or maybe it’s just a boy thing?

The non-spill lid makes me feel much safer using it with slippery hands, however it isn’t completely fool proof! You have been warned!

For $9.95 this is definitely a must have for me and I will be purchasing it when I run out. For some reason this product has got me actually moisturising after a shower like I have always wanted to.

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Check out the range at Farmers in-store or their website here.