L’Oreal Haul – Lipsticks, Foundation and the new Skin Perfection range

Something I have discovered this weekend is that it is not a good idea to go out browsing a few shelves at Famers if you:

A) have just watched a Shaaanxo video and have fallen in love with the products used

B) Know that the bank account is looking low but are kind of in a bit of a YOLO mood

C) Can’t actually wear much makeup at the moment anyways and have a desperate want to compensate the sadness from this by purchasing more makeup.

You guessed it, I was all of the above! A little wander through St Lukes Shopping Mall turned into a four product L’Oreal haul. Although do I regret any of it?! Hell no! I seriously cannot wait to get all these products up on my face.

Magic Touch Instant Blur (Skin Perfection Range) $26.99

This first caught my eye in Shaaanxo’s Flawless Foundation tutorial video. She seemed to be super into this new Skin Perfection range which is specifically made for people in their 20’s (me). The way it smoothed the areas of her skin which were a bit bumpy and irritated was what got me really interested. I am not normally one of those people who sees something in a video and then HAS to have it, so I felt like this product must be special – it really spoke to me or something haha.

Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation (Shade Beige Rose) $46.49

So I actually went out on the hunt for the True Match foundation that was also featured in Shaaanxo’s video, but ended up happily leaving the store with this one instead. I researched my shade online and got some help from MUO, but after visiting two different stores and a lot of swatching I decided that this shade and formula seemed to really suit me better. I haven’t heard a lot about this range, however I am excited to try it and I am hoping it’s okay for slightly oily skin.

Colour Riche Lipstick (Red Valentine) $26.99

At the last MUO meet up in Auckland I got one of these lippies in the shade ‘sakura petal’ in my goodie bag and I have been in love with it ever since. I’ve wanted more of these lipsticks for awhile so when I saw Farmers had a buy one get one free sale going on, nothing was stopping me! Red Valentine is a beautiful berry pink that could be compared to MAC Girl About Town.The Colour Riche range is something I could go on about for ages, they are just so velvety and smooth and just lovely.

loreal 2

Colour Riche Natural – Blondes (235 Nude) FREE

Yes the 90’s are coming back, yes Kylie Jenner wears a lot of nude coloured lipstick and looks amazing and yes I am finally seeing how perfect and versatile a nude lipstick can be (after all those years of thinking my mum was strange for wearing nude lipstick). What can I say, I wanted to get something a bit different. Something I wasn’t going to realise that I already had at home. So I swatched it and I liked it! I can already tell this one is going to be a handbag staple.



I’d love to know who else has tried this new Skin Perfection Range? I am pretty tempted to try out the serum too….