Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask review

Lush Cup O' Coffee Face Mask

The Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask is one of the newer editions to the Lush family. I know coffee is good for my soul, so the more ways I can get it into my system the better, right?! Loaded up with ground coffee, caffeine extract, coriander oil and agave syrup this face mask promises to exfoliate and invigorate the skin. I was impressed with how it did just that, along with being brightening and gentle.

Like I said before, I’m a coffee fan and have therefore tried quite a few coffee related skincare products. Coffee body scrubs are a regular part of my weekly beauty routine and I have tried a few of them on my face. Unfortunately I have always found them way too rough for the more sensitive skin on my face, leaving my skin kind of dried out, bright red and a bit raw. This is where Cup O’ Coffee comes in as a great alternative, you get that same coffee hit along with some good exfoliation but it isn’t too rough and the oils leave your skin moisturised.

The face mask is a little more liquid-y than other Lush masks I’ve tried, which is a bonus because I think it means I’ll get even more out of the pottle and it also makes it super easy to apply and spread all over. I love the deep dark coffee colour, scent and that you can see and feel the coffee granules. After slathering the mask all over my face and neck (you don’t have to stop there! Lush recommends using it as a body mask too) I left it on for ten-ish minutes before washing it off in the shower.


Lush coffee face mask After ten minutes the mask felt a bit warm on my face which is when I decided it must be time to wash it off. It doesn’t dry up and look like a dehydrated rock like your typical clay type face masks do, but also it doesn’t dribble excess liquid all over your clothes like those sheet masks often do. It stays on your face comfortably and feels good. The best feeling is when you wash it off! Rinsing Cup O’ Coffee off by using gentle circular motions leaves your skin feeling sooo clean and fresh but not dry and parched.

Although I have a mug of coffee every morning I think I’ll incorporate this caffeine fix into my sunday night ย  Netflix and chill sessions where I treat my skin and physically and mentally prepare for the week ahead. It’s a great product to wake up your skin and leave it feeling fresh while being totally indulgent.

You can get Cup O’ Coffee in store at Lush or online by clicking here! It’s $19.50 for a regular sized pot (I was lucky to have it sent to me by the cool people at Lush). Try it out and let me know what you think! Also, I’d love to know what other Lush fresh face masks you love.