Lush Damaged Hot Oil Treatment

Lush Damaged Hot oil treatment

The Lush Damaged Hot Oil Treatment is a new product created to help strengthen hair which is damaged from colouring, heat and excessive styling. Not only does it contain a powerhouse of moisturising ingredients including olive, avocado and almond oil, but it even has Kylie Jenner’s tick of approval (she used it recently in a series of Snap Chats sharing her pampering routine!) Although the product takes a little more work than your usual hair treatment, the results are exactly what I was after, smooth hair which feels hydrated and soft. 

The Damaged Hot Oil Treatment comes as a solid small bar attached to the end of a wooden stick, like a wand. So you actually have to turn it into a hot oil. The instructions say to boil some water and add very small amounts slowly to the bar whilst it sits in a container or bowl. You stir the product gently in the hot water until it melts into a thick creamy paste which can be applied to your hair. Lush recommends leaving it in dry hair for 20 minutes before shampooing it out.

I made my first mistake right at the start by pouring in a bit too much water, but fixed that up by getting rid of some before the bar had melted too much. You definitely need to add tiny amounts of super hot water regularly and be rather patience. The instructions said this would take 5 minutes, but it felt like forever. The bar slowly started breaking down, but I was getting impatient. My genius boyfriend suggested I just put it in the microwave and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of that sooner. 40 seconds later I had a thick, smooth hair treatment ready for my hair.

lush damaged hot oil treatment

It was still a little lumpy when I put it through my hair so the bathroom floor got a bit of a hot oil treatment too. I left it in for about 45 mins and then jumped in the shower. You definitely do need to shampoo this product out because it is all oils, and I did a double shampoo just to make sure. My hair felt so silky and good in the shower. After drying it felt smooth and quite moisturised. It did feel like a bit of work to get to that point though.

The Lush Damaged Hot Oil Treatment lived up to expectations by making my hair feel silky smooth by use of a range of natural oils. I wouldn’t recommend getting into this if you are in any kind of a rush though, it’s a lazy sunday afternoon pamper time type product for sure.

You can find the Damaged Hot Oil Treatment along with the other awesome new hair care range in store at Lush or online at A big thanks to Lush for sending this out to me!

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Product was a PR sample, views and opinions, as always, are of my own!