MAC Haul


So somehow I got to the end of the week and realised I had gathered up quite a MAC Haul – nine different products to be exact (don’t tell my boyfriend!) Since I acquired all these products in a few different ways I thought I’d show you them and also chat about where/how I got them, as I don’t often actually buy MAC from a physical MAC store.

♥ Studio Waterweight Foundation and Prep + Prime Skin 

            Samples from in-store  

A friend and I have been curious about this foundation since seeing it feature in the NZFW MAC Seminar and went and got our shades matched at MAC St Lukes. It is one of those fabulous foundations which makes you feel like you actually aren’t wearing any makeup at all while giving you a decent amount of coverage and making you look all pretty and glowy. I walked out of the store with two cute samples of Studio Waterweight in shades NW15 and NW18 to try out at home (I have already and am going to buy it in NW18). While I was there the MAC artist also gave me a little pottle of Prep + Prime Skin to prime my skin before using Waterweight and help keep oil away. Shout out to Samantha at MAC St Lukes – you were so friendly and helpful!

♥ Pro Longwear Concealer and ‘Whirl’ Lip Pencil

Bought as part of a group purchase online from

The Pro Longwear Concealer is a re-buy as my other has run out. Well actually it’s only almost run out, however the pumps in these are difficult and you can never get the last bit out. This concealer is so good and lasts a really long time. I’ve wanted Whirl for awhile now as I’m not afraid to admit I’m just following that Kylie Jenner train. MAC Lip Pencils are really nice, buttery and long lasting so I really wanted to try this out under my beloved Velvet Teddy.

Buying as a group from America can be a sweet way to share shipping costs and save money, just make sure it’s with people you know and trust who are good for the money! However, right now is not a good time to be buying things in American dollars so make sure you do your research into currency rates first.


♥ MACnificent Me collection – eye shadows and a Mattene

                   PR samples to celebrate the release

MACnificent Me is a new MAC collection celebrating being an individual, the range is actually completely based on six competition winners who are inspiring individuals which I think is so super cool! I received two single eyeshadows in the shades ‘Cheer Me On’ and ‘Everyone’s Darling’ – they are both highly pigmented and smooth. The Mattene is a matte lipstick which is bold and long lasting. I have the shade ‘Strutting Fabulous’ which is a nice deep purple. P.S this collection is out in stores now!

♥ Brow Set in ‘Beguile’

         Bought online on

This product was such a good price and I was keen to give a brow product which used a little brush/spoolie a try. At first look the colour seemed too shimmery and maybe even too dark for me, however with a light application it made my brows look fuller and kept the hairs in place without feeling like glue. The shipping took awhile but it was worth the wait.


♥ False Lashes Mascara

                                         Discovered in the back of one of my makeup drawers

I’m not sure where this came from to be perfectly honest, but it’s unopened and the cutest mascara mini ever. I feel like I picked this up in one of my hauls last year just to try out. I’ve heard good things about it online and my eyes haven’t reacted to anything in about two months – so I am in perfect condition to give it a try.

Where do you most commonly buy your makeup and/or MAC makeup from? In store or online?