MAC lipsticks – Up the Amp vs. Men Love Mystery


MAC lipstick Up the Amp men love mystery

You know when you see a lipstick and just fall in love with the shade, and then you get it home and realise that this isn’t the first time you fell in love with that colour. You already have a lipstick at home that’s pretty much exactly the same shade.

This has happened to me numerous amounts of times in the past with bright Barbie pink shades, very similar to MAC ‘Saint Germain’ – but in the last year or so I have managed to stop with the bright pinks knowing I have about ten at home. However, last week I smirked as I realised why ‘Men Love Mystery’ had caught my eye… it’s very, very similar to my most loved purple shade ‘Up the Amp’.

Up the Amp is a bright pinky purple with cool undertones. It is an amplified shade and has the usual creamy MAC lipstick texture. Something that I have always like about this shade is how it doesn’t make my teeth look yellow like purple lipsticks sometimes can.

Men Love Mystery is described as a lavender violet, medium-dark purple. It’s a matte shade that goes on opaque. It has the usual creamy MAC texture along with that signature vanilla scent.

Up the amp men love mystery MAC swatch

Seriously, comparing them side by side I can’t really see a difference, apart from the fact that Men Love Mystery is in much newer, nicer condition. Up the Amp is slightly more on the pink side, compared to the slightly darker purple in Men Love Mystery. Up the Amp also has a bit more of a shine to it, I guess from its amplified finish.

Usually I would be a little annoyed with myself about this “re-purchase” – however I love this shade so much that having another is actually really great!

MAC lipstick

What accidental shade double up have you made?

Top image created with swatches from temptalia.comย