MAC pink lipstick comparisons

mac pink lipsticks comparisons

Isn’t it funny how when you are a fan of a particular colour you unconsciously collect lipsticks in that shade, although you swear in the shop they looked totally different?! For me it all started with my first ever MAC Cosmetics purchase of Saint Germain, the perfect Barbie pink, and I’ve been collecting lipsticks on the paler side of cool toned pink for years now. Today I’m going to do a MAC pink lipsticks comparison of these four lipsticks, which are all super beautiful in their own way, but also a little similar.

♥ Saint Germain

This shade is described as a “clean pastel pink” and is an Amplified finish. It is a permanent shade of MAC lipsticks which can also be purchased as a usual Lip Glass (the Trolls collection featured the shade as a Lip Glass in the limited edition packaging) and a nail lacquer.  I find Saint Germain super creamy which makes it really comfortable to wear and it’s reasonably long wearing. The cool-toned pink in my opinion makes it very much a Barbie kind of shade which I love, but this is what also makes it not your everyday wear type of lipstick (in my opinion). I love wearing this shade as the main feature of my makeup with a classic winged eyeliner and doe-eyed lashes. I don’t wear it as much as I used too, but with sunny days and longer nights ahead I think this will change!

♥ Snob

With a Satin finish, Snob is a more subtle “light neutral pink” and it’s another cool toned pink. It has also been described as having a slight grey-tint to it, but from swatches and wearing it I don’t see any grey. True to the Satin finish it is semi-matte yet still gives an opaque coverage. I really love this colour and basically use it as my not so bold Saint Germain. It isn’t drying like matte lipsticks can often be and I find it has a couple of hours of decent wear before needing to be reapplied. Snob works really well alongside the MAC Lip Liner ‘Hip n Happy’ and means that when it does wear off you still have some colour. Snob comes as a lipstick, Lip Glass and nail lacquer.


♥ Kingdom of Sweets

As part of the Christmas 2016 collection ‘Nutcracker Sweet’, Kingdom of Sweets is a beautiful pink shade which is limited edition. It has a cremesheen finish meaning it has a high level of shine which I think is very appropriate for a holiday collection.  The “milky pink” is soft and very much a pastel baby pink. It can be applied lightly to the middle of your lips and then smudged out for a gentle hint of pink or built up to be a stronger pastel shade. Kingdom of Sweets is only available along with the Nutcracker Collection until the end of the year.

♥ Viva Glam Nicki 2

Viva Glam is a fantastic initiative run by MAC Cosmetics which sees celebrities put their face to limited edition shades with the proceeds going to help AIDS. Alongside Ricky Martin, Nicki Minaj was the face of Viva Glam in 2012 producing two lipsticks which included the Nicki 2. Nicki 2 is described as a “pastel lavender pink” and has an amplified finish. It’s creamy, opaque and again, cool toned (man, I really have a thing for cool toned pinks). It is much more of a purpley pink than the other three and also quite bright. It’s a super pretty shade, but one that in my opinion can be tricky to pull off and I’ll be honest, I haven’t worn it that much but I still love it all the same! This lipstick is no longer available from MAC Cosmetics.

So it is pretty clear that I like to collect cool toned pink shades! But doing this comparison has made me see that they are each a little unique. I’d love to know what shade of lipsticks you tend to collect a lot of! Anyone else a pink freak like me?

pink Mac Cosmetics lipsticks

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