How to do a Makeup Clean Out – tips for letting go


If you are a makeup enthusiast, then chances are that you have come to a point at some time and said to yourself “I really need to do a makeup clean out”. It’s one of those tasks that must be done to avoid your entire bedroom or makeup space being taken over by old or unused products. Whether you have tonnes and tonnes of products or just the essentials, a regular clean out is a good idea to keep check of what you have, whether anything needs to be thrown out or whether you have a mass of eyeliners that you never actually use. It can be a really overwhelming task, especially if you haven’t done a makeup clean out for a really long time. Today I’m sharing some tired and tested hints and tips to make your makeup clean out easier.  

♥ When to clean out?

Although it may seem like a fab idea when it’s 1am and you have a sudden burst of energy, hold back, it isn’t a good idea. Trust me! Make sure you set aside a good amount of time when your in a good mood and have enough time to start and finish the task – otherwise you’ll end up with makeup all over the place and feel more overwhelmed.

How often really depends on how many products you have, how often you use them and how organised you are. I like to do a good clean out every few months where I throw out old makeup, reorganise and reevaluate what I use and what I don’t need. If you are planning a big makeup shopping spree it can also be good to take stock and do a clean out before that. So then you have room for more and won’t end up with several of the same thing.

♥ What to do with the stuff your not keeping?

I sort my ‘not keeping’ makeup into two piles – ‘throw out’ and ‘still good stuff’. I throw out products that have expired, are broken beyond use, less than a quarter full and not going to be used or things that have just gone icky. The ‘still good stuff’ goes into a little box or container which is then stiffed through by my sister and mum. After that I see if there’s anything worth selling on a cosmetics Walk in Wardrobe Facebook page. When I do sell a product I usually just add in a few bonuses to the persons package to help me get rid of more things. Selling products you don’t use is a good way to feel like buying them wasn’t a total waste, however to me a clean out and some one else having the product and loving it is more important then fretting over a few dollars lost.

makeup organisation
Some makeup inspiration from one of my Pinterest boards

♥ Reorganisation

Once you know what you’re keeping and getting rid of, then it’s time to think of makeup storage and organisation before you put everything back in place. Think about which products you use the most/on a daily basis as these are the products you want at the easiest reach, not tucked away in a dark drawer. On the flip side, that purple eyeshadow you really want to use more of needs to actually be in eyesight for you to use it. There’s that old saying “out of sight out of mind” and it rings true with makeup organisation.

Use the space you have smartly and creatively! There are so many amazing makeup storage ideas which you can find online and helpful items in stores like Kmart and Japan Mart. My personal makeup organisers are from a combination of Ebay, Grab One, Kmart and 1,2,3 dollar stores.

♥ Finding it hard to be ruthless?

That’s okay! I totally understand how certain makeup products can feel so super special. If you really can’t bring yourself to get rid of something, hold on to it and reevaluate it next clean out. If you want to keep that empty perfume bottle because it’s pretty, keep it! And turn it into an artistic piece in your makeup space maybe on a shelf with other cute ornaments. Don’t forget that clearing out means more space for new makeup, and having a freshly organised makeup zone makes you feel fabulous!