My Makeup Wishlist

makeup wishlist I am constantly seeing things online, in-store and on peoples faces which I immediately want to add to my makeup collection – however I am not a millionaire (yet), nor have I managed to marry someone who owns an oil rig or somehow hustle my way into the Kardashian family (still trying). So I have a makeup wishlist on my cell phone. I add to it as I go and having a wishlist also allows me to really consider purchases before I go out and spend all my cash dollars, especially because my wishlist tends to be for more higher priced makeup items that I am lusting over. I also like keeping a list so I can look up the products online and see where the best place is to purchase them – sometimes I even end up changing my mind and taking items off the list, but hey that’s much easier then having buyer remorse and not being able to take a product back to the store!

photo (4) Some of these products have been on my physical and mental wishlist for ages and some are brand new editions. I was getting a few MAC products together ready for a Nordstrom or haul, however now I think I’m going to hold off until my big trip to Thailand and do a HUGE haul. I have been wanting Stila Kitten since Shaaanxo started raving about it and it will also be my first ever Stila product – along with one of their foundations which I can’t remember the name of but am in love with since Nicola May, an amazing makeup artist from Blush Baby used it on my face for my ball.

I currently have a mini jar of ‘It’s Potent’ from Benefit and I really love it which is why now I am wanting the full size. It does a nice job of smoothing any puffyness away from under my eyes. Also as a die hard fan of my Naked2 palette I want to try out Naked 3 too. Urban Decay released on Instagram a few days ago that a Naked2 Basics is in the works which would be perfect for me as I have hit pan on my favourite Naked2 shade ‘Bootycall’ and it looks like it will be included in the basics palette – yay!

photo (5)

I actually have a reason for wanting every single one of these little makeup products of happiness, but I wont go on because I’ll start sounding crazy!

Do you have a makeup wishlist stored somewhere? On paper? On your phone? I’d love to hear about how yours works and of course, what’s on it!