Manuka Doctor Flawless Primer

flawless primer The Manuka Doctor Flawless Primer promises big things on the box “perfect for high definition”, “mattifying primer that controls shine” and one of it’s ingredients is purified bee venom. But get ready to play Beyonce at top volume, strut around and flick your hair because this primer really makes your skin FLAWLESS.

I am so tired and sick of primers which promise to keep shine and oil away, however can’t seem to last a whole work day. Not only is it frustrating when you catch yourself in the mirror and see that you’re glowing in a not so good way, but I find the feeling of having excess oil on my skin is uncomfortable and ick.

I’ve used the Manuka Doctor Flawless Primer for one week now and the only time I saw a spot of shine was when I had been at work from 7.30am to 8.45 pm, that’s over 13 hours of mattifying! It’s very fair to say that I am happy and impressed, thank you Manuka Doctor for saying that the product does something and actually having it follow through! We need more of your type around!

Another thing I quite like about this primer is that it’s tinted. Now I’ve never been fussed about tinted primers because I almost always put a BB cream or foundation over the top, but I can see how it’s an added bonus. This is a prime product for those with oily skin on makeup free days – smooth a pea sized amount of this onto your T-zone, comb your brows and throw on a “I woke up like this” T-shirt.

Manuka Doctor

This product was actually included in my MUO Beauty Box (a one off box of surprise beauty goodies organised by Kirsty on Makeup Obsessives), and I’m so glad because otherwise I don’t think I would have tried it. I hadn’t tried any Manuka Doctor products before this one, I’m now keen to try more products from the apirefine range and actually the other three ranges too – they all sound like they could suit my skin needs. Also I think the price is super reasonable for the quality of product, the Flawless Primer costs $37.95

♥ Pros:

Controls oil and shine amazingly all day

Is lightly tinted

No parabens or harsh chemicals

A little goes a long way

♥ Cons:

Can’t be used if you have an allergy to bee stings.

Isn’t a brand/product you can just pick up at the mall – although they have an easy to use online store so purchasing is not a problem!

Click here to visit the Manuka Doctor official website for more info or to shop!