May empties


Here are my May empties! My Garnier Perfect Blur and Loreal Infallible primers are empty. The Blinc mascara I received in my Talk Beauty NZ event goodie bag has dried up, I’ve hit pan on my MAC SkinFinish and I’m already on another bottle of Elevens’ Miracle Hair Treatment. In a bid to be better at removing my makeup before bed I’ve used up my travel size Blue Coconut Coconut Oil, at the same time my Beauty Blender (the first one I ever tried!) is going into retirement. 

♥ Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Primer has a similar texture to Benefits POREfessional, but at a much smaller cost. It’s a light and fluffy aerated product which aims to help hide imperfections. It has a matte finish and makes your skin feel really smooth and velvety. My foundation always goes on really nicely over this and it helps my foundation last a little longer, however at the moment I really need a primer which fights oil so I won’t be repurchasing this for a while.

♥ Miracle Hair Treatment is one of my essential must have products. I am never without it and this Miracle Hair Treatment bottle could be my seventh or eighth. It smells delicious and covers all the important things such as hydrating and protecting against heat styling.

♥ Beauty Blender, this Beauty Blender was the first one I ever bought and it has served me well. I love using a blender to apply my makeup, it’s simple to use and the shape makes it easy to blend into different areas like along the hair line and around the nose. I’ve tried other blenders, but I’ve always found the original works best. I have another one on its way as it’s a tool I can’t be without now. I’m going to donate mine to science (and an upcoming post) to see if they really are super disgusting inside.

♥ MAC SkinFinish in Lightscapade, I hit pan on it this weekend and I was devastated. This highlighter is so beautiful, creamy, shimmery and soft. It is quite a buildable product as well, so you can go subtle with a touch on the touch of your cheekbone or all out. This compact has lasted about a year and I have used it almost everyday, the pan is showing in one quarter so I’m hoping I will still get a lot out of it before I have to buy a new one.

♥ Loreal Infallible Mattifying Primer is a gel formula which works to “minimise imperfections, pores and shine”. It makes my skin feel super smooth and has the matte finish which it promises. This primer became my everyday product and it works well for most of a work day. I’d often find just at the end of the day I would get a bit of shine coming through in my T-zone. It does a good job and makes your skin feel really nice, however as a ‘drug store’ product at almost $40 NZD it isn’t cheap. I’ll repurchase it if I don’t discover something else in the mean time.

♥ Blue Coconut Coconut Oil, this travel size packet of coconut oil is Blue Coconut Coconut oil so damn handy and even though it’s small it lasts forever! Recently I have made a real effort to change a few bad habits
I’d picked up with moving house (read more about all that drama here), one of them was not taking off my makeup properly. Now I am taking a few cotton pads along with my coconut oil each night while I’m on the couch and removing my makeup before cleansing my face. My skin has cleared up and another bonus is that my dry lips and the dry skin around my eyes loves the oil too. You can pick up Blue Coconut Coconut oil at your local supermarket, I’ve been lucky to try the travel sized packets before they are out in stores. Look out for them, they are a game changer!

♥ Blinc Mascara Amplified, this was starting to get quite dry so I decided it was time to throw it out. If i didn’t already have a bunch of mascaras to use and try I would be buying this again. Its quite a unique mascara that works really well. It creates little tubes around your lashes to thicken and lengthen so the volume is amazing and it is ‘life proof’. This means that to remove the mascara you need water and pressure aka wiping your eyes with a wet wash cloth, so it will last through almost anything you get up to during the day. My eyes usually don’t like waterproof mascara but I had no issues with blinc, and the best thing about it was that it never transferred onto my skin which is something I absolutely hate but it happens to me all the time. If you haven’t heard of blinc before its definitely worth checking out.

What was your favourite product in May?