Maybelline Baby Skin Primer – what it is and where to get it.


baby skin “Bye-Bye Pores! One second away from smooth, poreless skin” There has been a bit of talk lately about this new fandangled primer from Maybelline – Is it any good? How much is it? Will / when will it be available in NZ? Don’t worry your pretty faces everyone, because I have all the answers right here!

Review Time

So first of all, is this Pore-erasing primer worth your time and the reading of this post?! Short answer, YES! It is a silicon type based primer which allows the product to easily smooth over the skin and fill any visible pores. I’ve found that I only need amount a pea sized amount of product to cover my whole face. It doesn’t feel thick or greasy, straight away I am able to apply my BB Cream, powder or liquid foundation over the top. I am using this primer as my kind of every day/casual day product, it creates a nice smooth base to my skin which I like and because of the affordable price it’s fine to use each day. However, I have found that my other primers (E.L.F mineral primer, L’Oreal Base Magique) hold my make up on for a bit longer – so for a special event, long day or big night out I would prefer to use something else. Because of that longevity I wouldn’t recommend this product for anyone with super oily skin, but anything other than that (including dry skin) would be smooth sailing. Why would I use this primer over my E.L.F one then? Because the Maybelline Pore eraser lasts waaaaayyy longer despite only having 18 oz more in the tube.

I haven’t seen it in stores, so where is it hiding?!

That is because it is not in stock anywhere in NZ, and according to my make up sources Maybelline isn’t planning on releasing it in NZ either =(  But luckily due to our friend the Internet, you can get it shipped to you pretty easily! I would search for it on your favourite drug store product American websites or check out some of my favourites below. Expect to pay between $5.99 – $6.99 USD not including shipping. – $5.99 (currently has 14% off and they have ‘bulk buy’ deals) Free shipping within the US with orders over $35 – $6.99 (currently part of a buy one get one half price deal) Free shipping within the US with orders over $25 If you use one of the above sites you will need to use a shipping forwarding service like YouShop or shipitto – click here to read my how to guide on using YouShop If you know of another great place to order Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser from please comment below to help us all out! baby skin 2   See what other people are saying about Baby Skin here on Pinterest!