Maybelline Matte Maker Review – Rimmel Stay Matte Fans Pay Attention!

maybelline matte maker

Maybelline’s Matte Maker is a relatively new member of the Maybelline family. Yup, makeup has family too. I picked this up on a total whim awhile ago when The Warehouse was having a 25% off Maybelline sale. As someone with oily/combo skin I very often use a mattifying powder on top of foundation to keep the shine away and to set everything in place. It’s something that I take with me on my daily travels incase I need to pat a bit around my face later in the day. So I guess you could say that I knew I would use Matte Maker at some point e.g. a totally justified purchase haha.

I usually use MAC Prep + Prime transparent finishing powder and it works a treat, although I am really liking having Matte Maker as an alternative to take out with me as we all know that MAC isn’t cheap and sometimes i’m a bit precious with my MAC products. And yes by saying this I mean that I use Matte Maker instead of my Prep + Prime powder and it’s like the same thing – cue dramatic music.ย The only killer difference is the shade, Maybelline Matte Maker comes in three shades with no transparent option. However this isn’t an issue for me at all because I haven’t noticed a difference in colour on my face after using either product.ย 

Using an E.L.F studio complexion brush I gentle dab/blot the powder on my face in the necessary areas (forehead, chin, nose). The packaging states that it lasts “all day” and it definitely does a pretty decent job at that, I’d say you could have a full work day plus a late afternoon activity and be shine free throughout.

The reason why I brought up Rimmel Stay Matte is that I constantly hear raves about it. People are obsessed with it and I am so happy it works for them, but it never worked well for me. I found it chalky and too powdery on my face. Maybelline Matte Maker is like a dupe for Stay Matte, but better! So if you are a full out Stay Matte fan I urge you to give it a go, I believe at Kmart Maybelline Matte Maker is $1 more than Rimmel Stay Matte – you will be happy that extra dollar leapt out of your coins pocket.

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I’m going to try and get a before and after for you all as soon as possible – a shiny to matte, so you can see really how well it works. Make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram to get the snap!