The Meme Box – Korean beauty samples and a goodie box rolled into one

A Meme box is a type of goodie/sample box you may not have heard of yet – but trust me, you want to know about it!The Korean website is not only an awesome online beauty store to get all your favourite Korean brand products but also a sample box provider. Each month they have a huge selection of boxes which you can sign up for – ranging from skin care to make up, hair products to colour themed boxes, there is definitely a type of box for everyone, even the boys! Better yet you can just buy a box whenever you want – there’s no monthly sign up or anything like that, but you can also buy value packs and there’s discounts sometimes when you buy more then one at a time. It’s important to note that the nature of the boxes is that it’s a surprise of what you will get. Sometimes depending on the box you get clues – e.g. the theme of the box or a hint sentence or picture of one of the products. Meme Box promises that they will curate your box with products which give you a Korean beauty experience with high quality products. There are actually three different types of boxes too, so you might want to utilise that bulk buy feature.

♥ Meme Box – the original pack: comes with 4 – 8 full sized products and       deluxe samples.

♥ Super Box: made for Meme Box lovers wanting full sized products which    are themed or catered to specific needs.

♥ Lucky Box: Brings back the most popular items from previously sold out  Meme Boxes

And yes… they ship to NZ! Depending on the type of box it’s either free or for a small fee.

Below are the two Meme Boxes I have purchased so far – yup even my boyf got involved!



My first Meme Box is the one of the left (haha if the bright pink isn’t enough to let you know). It is a Mini #3 box and cost me $15.00 with free shipping. As a Mini Meme Box it was advertised as containing 3-6 beauty products based on skin care, and this is what I got inside.

memebox_mini3_unboxing_2 So in total I got 5 different products in this box:

  1. llli Cleansing Oil and Foam Set – 1 15ml set and three pouch samples
  2. Real Black Tea True Active Essence – 200ml bottle
  3. Darjeeling First Anti-wrinkle Cream – 20ml
  4. Darjeeling Black Tea First Anti-wrinkle Essence 10g pouches
  5. True Verveine Menthe Tea bags

Although this box doesn’t really suit my specific skin needs, I have tested a few of the products so far and really like them. I was really impressed with the amount of products I got, how the products were packaged and also I though the tea was a really cute touch. Also I’m going to use the super cool tin which some of the products came in as a brush holder.

My boyf’s Meme Box was called Meme Box For Him2. His was a bit more expensive but included full size products. He received 7 products in total – 4 of them were full size and the rest deluxe samples, these included an after shave, a peeling gel, a hair styling water-spray, a pore control essence, a CC Cream and some face masks. He’s tested them all and although some are definitely not his thing, he uses a few of the products and really likes the idea of the Meme Box and being able to try out new stuff.

I personally highly recommend Meme Boxes if you are a lover of Korean beauty products or are just keen to try out a few new things. The service is quick, easy and trustworthy and the boxes I feel are really great value for money! I get much better value with these boxes then other NZ goodie/ subscription boxes I have tried. I am now looking at ordering maybe another Mini Box, maybe some themed boxes and I really want to try a Lucky Box next to get the real best seller products.

Click here to check out the range of Meme Boxes!

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  • I’ve been hearing so much about these, very keen to get one as I haven’t tried any Korean makeup/skincare before!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

    • I would definitely recommend giving one a try then, even if you just get a mini box first to see if you like it! It’s such a great way to try out Korean beauty products and all the boxes are just so cute and fun!

  • These look so cool! I’ve never tried Korean products but I see so much about them on blogs that I feel like that should change.

    • It’s definitely a good way to go to give some different brands or products a try. I’d also recommend checking out (I wrote a haul post about this site if you pop it into the search bar on my home page) – they sell little sample sets of their best selling products for super cheap prices which is another good way to try out some new Korean beauty products!

  • Laura

    Question – Are these products tested on animals?

    • It would depend on what brand you were receiving in your Meme Box as to whether it would be cruelty free or not. I would suggest when your looking at the boxes to Google the brand it’s based on to see if it is tested on animals or not – as a whole though I don’t think it is a cruelty free company unfortunately (if that makes sense)

  • Georgia

    Oh these boxes are just so darn cute! Been meaning to try Korean beauty products, and might just make the jump with the memeboxes! Do you have a review of Vain Pursuits? I’d love to read what you have to say… my girlfriends are all talking about it.

    • So cute right! That’s half the reason I get them to be honest! No, I haven’t heard of Vain Pursuits, but I am totally looking it up right now! =)