Mini MAC Haul

Mini MAC haul

I recently ended up with a mini MAC haul after deciding it was time to stock up on some essentials. I needed a new Pro Longwear Foundation and wanted a new Pro Longwear Concealer in a slightly darker shade. I hadn’t done any online shopping in awhile so after spending some time on Nordstrom I made an order with two extra additions,  a new lipstick in the shade ‘Brave’ and a Lavender Fix+ Spray from the Work It Out collection.

I had originally made this exact order on and planned to have it shipped to my YouShop address however about 24 hours after I made the order they contacted me saying they couldn’t accept my overseas credit card. I knew there was a risk that would happen but I’ve always gotten away with it in the past, so I was gutted!

It turned out fine though as Nordstrom had everything I wanted in stock and even had some MAC products on sale. I’m also a big fan of their quite decent sized free samples with every purchase. I decided to also try out a new shipping company with this order which turned out way cheaper than if I had used You Shop so it all worked out for the best! I’ll be doing a separate post soon on my experience with this new shipping service as it was seriously amazing.

♥ Haul cost breakdown

Pro Longwear Foundation in NW15: $34.00 USD

Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20: $22.00 USD

Sized to go Prep + Prime Fix+ Spray in Lavender: $12.00 USD

Brave Lipstick: $17.00 USD

My total cost was $85 USD ($121.00 NZD) with free shipping to US address and four free samples. My shipping from the US to NZ cost me approximately $13 which included a free ‘repack’. So my total haul spend was $134.oo NZD. Not bad considering a Pro Longwear Foundation at an NZ MAC store is $60 (I think!) and a lipstick is $40

The foundation and concealer are just part of my essentials, I have used both of them for ages now and think they are fantastic products. The ‘Brave’ lipstick was a bit of a whim purchase as I wanted to add in something else. It’s quite a popular nude shade and I like how it’s a little more pinky than Velvet Teddy. It will be a great work day shade. My Fix+ Spray is almost empty and the lavender scent/type as part of the Work It Out collection really caught my eye. I thought it would add to how refreshing Fix+ Spray already is! The sized to go size is quite little but it lasts me ages!

Lavender Fix+ Spray
The packaging for the Work It Out collection is so cute!