Moisture Mist & Za Beauty Cake and Makeup Remover Set Review

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This year I am really loving all the gift sets that have come out just in time for Christmas. When Za contacted me about trying out their Beauty Cake and Makeup Remover Set I was super excited for two reasons – One: I have wanted to try out the Moisture Mist Beauty Cake for agggges and Two: I was seriously needing some better makeup remover than just my baby wipes for my more stubborn makeup.

Firstly the details: The gift pack contains the Moisture Mist Beauty Cake (mine is in the shade Rose Beige), a beauty cake sponge and the Za Deep Cleansing Oil. You can find it at leading pharmacies for $39.00, but it’s worth $64 – amazing value!!!

♥ Moisture Mist Beauty Cake

The Beauty Cake is in a cute and sturdy red compact, alongside the sponge which you use to apply it which also has it’s own little case. The box instructs you to dampen the sponge to apply the foundation, you alter the dampness of the sponge depending on what type of coverage you want. I wanted fuller coverage so I didn’t allow my sponge to soak up too much moisture, however I realised that the sponge needs to be a bit damper than you realise to really pick up the product. I used a combination of swiping and dabbing motions to apply the foundation and began to see a really nice, natural and even coverage. photo 2-6

I ended with medium level coverage which was a perfect shade match to me. The Beauty Cake lasted on my face through a whole day of runnings errands and playing with Yee. I like that it didn’t feel heavy or oily on my face. At the end of the day I did have a bit of shine on my T-zone but this is probably because I didn’t use any kind of finishing powder as I normally would (I wanted to see how the product went on it’s own). I will definitely be reaching for this product in future, especially for work days and relaxed weekends when I want light to medium coverage and just a natural look.

moisture mist selfie
Please excuse my lack of under eye concealer and lippy!

♥ Za Deep Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover

I have never used an oil makeup remover before and now I am wondering why! With two pumps onto my dry hands I gently smoothed and rubbed the oil over my full face of makeup. I could quickly see all my makeup start to emulsify, even my very stubborn Maybelline mascara was easily coming away from my lashes. I then used a warm, damp face cloth to remove the oil and every tiny piece of the days makeup with it. I am really impressed with how the Cleansing Oil left my skin not feeling oily or dry, it felt nice, clean and moisturised. It has a light pleasant scent and a little bit goes a long way. I also love that it contains jojoba oil and has been specially formulated to be gentle on skin. I will be using this again and again, especially to remove my more fuller coverage foundations.

za cleansing oil selfies
My weird face selfie with medium coverage of MAC studio Fix foundation and after using the Za Cleansing Oil. You can see how blonde my lashes are and how light my eyebrows are!

All and all I am super pleased with both these products, and as a pack they are just doubly amazing! Don’t forget that you can find this gift pack at leading pharmacies like Unichem and Life Pharmacies (last minute Christmas present perhaps?). Check out the Za Facebook page and the Moisture Mist Facebook page for more info!