Monthly Round Up – August

monthly round up august Hey Beauties! Welcome to my August Monthly Round Up. This is a new piece up on the blog that I have decided to try out and see what you all think of it. I am hoping it will add a bit more of a personal touch to the blog and let me share a few different things with you. Since it’s a new feature I would really like your feedback – let me know what you like and what you don’t like.

♥ On the Blog Highlights//  Konjac Sponges, GlamGlow investigation, What’s in her bag feature, my first GoodieBox, Instagram Giveaway, Blur Cream review & NZ Fashion Week prep

♥ What I did // The first weekend of August was the big Auckland MUO Meet Up – Morgan from Hyacinth Girl did a pretty sweet write up of it all here. It was cool to match some names to faces and the goodie bags were to die for!

mel and laura at meetup

I also went to Street Eats and Wine AKL which were both a part of Auckland Restaurant Month. Both were pretty fun events and I discovered my new absolute favourite wine, it’s called Joiy and it is kind of like white wine crossed with cider creating amazingness! My boyf reviewed both of the events here, I think I will definitely go back to them again next year.

wine AKL joiy

This past weekend I attended some incredible shows at NZ Fashion Weekend as well as helped out WE ARE ANTHOLOGY with the official backstage blog. It was such a great experience to be backstage and working alongside some super cool bloggers. My highlights would have to be Nick von K, the Smashbox Seminar and the final show of the whole week, Stolen Girlfriends Club. It was also my fourth time attending the YMCA ‘Walk the Line; show and as always it displayed some fantastic youth talent.


nick von k

♥ Saving & Spending // The boyf and I booked the last of our Thailand accommodation this month which was a bit spendy but I am not even worried as it is going to be totally worth it – I cannot wait to be pool side, cocktail in hand.

I now have tickets to Ragamuffin, OurHouse and Fiesta Del Sol too, my friends are calling me an enabler as I won’t stop going on about all these events we need to get tickets too.

Melissa and I went on a random spending rampage last Friday, got our nails done and brought some new gear at Wild Pair for NZFW. It was ridiculous because pay day is too far away but it was a fun YOLO moment or whatever so no regrets.

♥ Yeezus Update // Yup, my little baby is going to feature on here monthly too. Yee is doing great, still growing and going through a bit of a naughty teenage phase. But slowly he is starting realise that it’s not cool to yap at every living thing which is progress I am very relieved for. yee


♥ Last words for the end of the month // August has been pretty alright, work has been hectic and I’ve had a lot of late nights but catching up with friends, Thailand planning and NZ Fashion Weekend has made up for it all.

So, what have you been up to this August?!? I’d love to know if you headed out to any of the same events as me and what you thought of them? Thanks for checking out my first ever monthly round up!