Monthly Round Up – November

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Can you even believe that it is now December? I knew it was coming soon and I knew Christmas was close, but now the reality of it is really starting to hit me. I have this handy Countdown app on my phone that has been helping keep track of how much longer I have until a few important dates. Right now, drafting this post up on the 30th of November I have 8 days until I finish work for the year, there’s 24 days until Christmas and 31 days until I leave for Thailand. That countdown has got me through some long work days this month, but now the end is near! I have managed to start my Xmas shopping, have you? And I also have had some busy weekends at some awesome Auckland events.

♥ On the blog highlights // Summer survival series #1 and #2, Loreal haul, Getting better beauty sleep, New VelourLips from Australis arrive in store, getting your brow game on and Jeffree Star releases his first products from his new cosmetics line.

♥ What I did // Two of my friends had baby showers this month and I am super excited to meet the little people soon. One shower was all themed in perfect pink and the other was celebrated at high tea (my first ever high tea experience!) I even made the choice to break my sugar free vow for high tea as the mini treats were too hard to pass up.

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If you follow my Twitter or Instagram you’ll already know that I went grey! I really wanted to try something a bit new with my hair and decided to try out this big grey hair trend for myself, I love the results although at the moment my hair colour seems to be ever changing. I am thinking of getting a bit of a lavender shade through it next time, what do you all think?

sunny day fest

I went to check out the brand new mega Cotton On store on Queen Street earlier in the month. Have you been there? It’s huge! I am a big Cotton On fan and really like the much more open layout of the store and Typo is just across the street.

There were some really great events in Auckland this month. Oli won last minute tickets to The Light Show at the Auckland Art Gallery which we had been dying to go to, so we rushed off there on a Tuesday night to marvel at the lights and listen to Ginny Blackmore – check out a full review here, there’s still one more night event to go! I went to High Life’s Fiesta Del Sol party with two of my besties to celebrate the start of summer and had a great time dancing up a storm. The following weekend I got to touch Steve Aoki as he brushed past me at OurHouse starstruck!!!! and then saw one of my favourite females on TV, Chelsea Handler in her stand up show Uganda Be Kidding Me.

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♥ Saving & spending // I am trying to get really serious on the saving as Thailand is less than a month away! I think I am doing pretty alright, but with Christmas almost here things might change. As I mentioned, I have already started my Christmas shopping – so much easier these days with online stores, isn’t it! In my family we do a secret santa which makes things much more affordable and simple, I just need to do a bit of wrapping once everything arrives.

♥ Yeezus update //

Yee is as cute as ever. We have started taking him to the beach on sunday nights and he loves it! He is also getting a lot better at keeping himself entertained when we are just chilling at home. I have booked him in for his first professional grooming a week or so before Christmas. I am hoping that getting a good lot of his undercoat free will help him keep cool as it’s getting hotter.

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