Monthly Round Up – October

October is when I start really looking at plans for the end of the year. I can tell you right now that at this exact moment I have 41 days until I finish work officially for the year, there’s 58 days till Christmas and then 65 days until my Thailand trip! It’s been strange getting use to the lighter evenings these last few weeks, but I have really enjoyed it because I have had quite a few late nights at work and it has been nice not to be getting home in the pitch black. My skin and allergies are still playing up, so again this month I have been in and out of the doctors and haven’t been able to wear much makeup either. Despite that and working A LOT,  I have managed to have a few fun times this month and have successfully been sugar free for the whole month!! Woo hoo!!

♥ On the blog highlights // Halloween nails and makeup, Urban Decay Naked Vault 2014, Paparazzi perfect hair tips with Jason, and Chi Chi Fabulous and Flawless Foundation review.

♥ What I did // The first two weeks of October I was on school holidays, i’ll be honest I didn’t actually get much done. I went to a Sovereign event and meet some other super nice bloggers which was good, I slept in, blogged, played with Yee and just focused on getting better. And I finally made the jump and brought a Mac Book Pro!!

Oli and I decided to embrace sugar free healthy living and went on a long beach walk from Milford and Takapuna and back. The weather was absolutely perfect and it was interesting having a sneak peek at all the million dollar houses along the beach  – there was a house which had its own gondola, no joke! If you’re keen to have a go at the walk check it out here.

Justin Timberlake came to town and my buddy Melissa and I were singing along to every song. I was so happy that he played all his old songs and that he really got into the dancing. The only weird part was that he swore, like swore a lot! I am all for a few healthy swear words but it was just so weird hearing him swear all the time!

I got a black box!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!! Want to know what it’s all about? Visit

black box

Bloggers Brunch was fabulous as usual, but a little different this time round! At Tuihana Cafe we ate delicious food and had an awesome speaker along with goodie bags! To find out more about it, click here! I feel like I have a little group of real blogging buddies now and new friends through Brunch Club =)

♥ Saving & Spending // October has been a little calmer events wise, so I am really hoping money has been saved! However I have had a bunch of bills this month and a few extravagant purchases cough  Mac Book *cough random makeup and clothes splurge But with only 5 pays until I leave for Thailand I have some real motivation to get into saving! I think a super quite Labour Weekend as helped as well.

Also I spent quite a bit of time giving the blog a bit of a revamp!! Hopefully you noticed! I would love to know what you think about it!!!! It seems sitting at home staring at a computer can help you save money on the weekends too haha

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.15.35 pm

♥ Yeezus Update // My little baby had the big snip at the beginning of the month. He had to wear one of those horrible collars because he just wouldn’t stop licking his stitches, however he has recovered perfectly and is back to his old self! He will be staying full time at mine for a few weeks soon, so him and I have lots of time to get his Christmas outfits sorted haha!

♥ Last words for the month // I can’t wait for everything to continuing winding down for the end of the year! You can start to feel those real summer vibes on the odd day now and I am really looking forward to a few summer beach days coming up soon. As long as I can hopefully get my allergies sorted I will be good to go! Next month I have about 6 different events which I already have tickets for, so watch out!