Monthly Round Up – September

monthly round up september

September is always a really big month for me. Spring sets in, I have my birthday and then my best friends a week later and also school holidays always hit just at the end of the month. The start of spring reminds me that summer isn’t too far away either and that it’s time to come out of winter hibernation! I’ve had a pretty busy month with lots of dinners out and also had to deal with being sick for half of the month and not being able to wear makeup =( but now the days are sunnier and longer it’s onwards and upwards!

♥ On the blog highlights // How to maintain blonde hair, GoodieBox unboxing, The trials and tribulations of dating an MUO (guest post by my boyfriend), my top purple lipsticks & a Q&A with Kirsty Leigh. 5 purple lipsticks

♥ What I did // The 11th of September is the day I turned 24 this year ( ffff I am starting to feel old!). My friends and I met up that night for drinks at our local and they all totally spoiled me. Then on the weekend we went out for dinner at Monsoon Poon which was super yum! If you want to know more about the restaurant click here for a sweet review by Real Life Auckland.

monsoon poon

The week after was my best friend Jasons birthday, so we all headed out for a midweek dinner in Takapuna which was really nice. We always have so much fun when we head out just our little crew.

On Sunday the 21st I went to my first #bloggersbrunchclub. This is a casual brunch catch up for all different kinds of bloggers in NZ. I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous. It’s almost like a blind date meeting up with people who you have only chatted to on Twitter, but I didn’t need to worry at all because it was super fun and everyone was super cool. I am definitely going to become a regular! bloggers brunch club

For the last weekend of September Jason and I headed up to Matakana for a random trip. We had dinner at the Rusty Pelican and went for a bit of a wander round, it was really nice to get a bit out of Auckland. We often do funny little trips like this in summer listening to Avril Lavigne all the way, if you wanna see more check out our Instagrams here and here.

jase and laura


♥ Saving & Spending // I have annoyingly had to spend a lot of money on doctors visits this month (seriously why is it so expensive!), however health comes first.

I also brought a sampler pack of PHD Juices this month to make sure I was getting my vegetable intake while being on lots of medicine. These juices are sooo yum and it is crazy how much natural goodness is packed into one juice.

phd juices

I’ve managed to put a bit of money away for Thailand this month as well as doing a bit of shopping. I brought a bunch of new products to care for my makeup brushes, have some new makeup storage on its way, got some sweet new Nike sneakers and just locked me and two buddies in for Ed Sheeran next year!

♥ Yeezus Update //  Yee has stayed with me quite a bit this month because the boyf has been away on a few work trips, it’s been really nice to have some time together. Having a puppy has its challenging moments, but he is just so cute and fun to have around. At the moment we are trying to work on not having him bark so much when we take him for a walk and he is also getting fixed in the next few weeks – poor bubba!

yee lying down

♥ Last Words For The Month // Unfortunately being sick has really taken over this month, but I’m not going to let it hold me back. I’m on the mend and really want to start making the most of the warmer days. I think I am going to start setting some summertime goals and keep up somehow with drinking vege juices and focusing on getting my 5+ a day =)