Must Have Lush Products

Lush is one of my favorite stores of all time, I just love everything about it. The smell which lingers even when you are still metres away from the store, the bright colours, the natural ingredients, the smiley staff and just the general happy vibe of the whole brand. Being cruelty free, environmentally friendly and supporting Fair Trade is also a huge bonus – I like to think of buying at Lush as a treat for me but also as something which benefits other people too (double bonus).

Lush products have been a huge part of my skin improvements this year – and my skin is a pretty tricky little thing! In the past I have struggled with super oiliness, acne and sensitivity and patches of dryness. Now with only occasional breakouts (those damn hormones) and only a few small skin issues I am very happy with how Lush helped balance my skin. I highly recommend trying out these products if you have similar skin issues to me – but more on that later! Now on to my all time favorite Lush products!

♥ Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser – This cleanser features ingredients like ground almonds and lavender oil and is made to super gentle on your skin. It was pretty strange at first going from the more common liquid washes to this kind of solid type product which you use by tearing off a little piece and creating a paste by adding water, but you know what? I don’t think I could ever go back to that type of wash! Also you only need a pea sized amount for each wash so it lasts forever $18.90/100g

♥ Tea Tree Water Toner – There is a crazy amount of freshness packed into this one bottle – this natural toner makes me feel really awake, fresh and clean. I’ve always known that Tea Tree is good for oilier skin and breakouts so this product just makes sense. $21.90/250g

. tea tree water and argan body conditioner


♥ Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner – Putting this on your skin just feels so good and it leaves you with perfectly moisturized skin with no greasiness. You are actually suppose to use it as an in- shower body moisturize, but I didn’t read the instructions properly when I first got it and just used it as a normal body moisturizer/lotion. This worked really well for me and I think I’d feel sad washing all the goodness off in the shower anyways. $39.90/225g

♥ Snow Fair Shower Gel – Possibly the most delicious scent in the whole entire world, I actually can’t get enough of the scent of this gel and also the beautiful candy pink shade. This is a hugely popular product all over the world and being limited edition makes it even more special. Despite the bright colour and scent this is totally fine on my sensitive skin – so grab a few bottles while it’s in stock (christmas limited edition). $12.90/100g

♥ Godmother Soap – Now it’s very probable that I am in love with this soap simply because it has a scent very similar to Snow Fairy – but it looks good, smells good and keeps me clean. So what’s there not to love?!

♥ Ultrabalm – every household needs one of these do-it-all balms. You can use it as a lip balm, on dry skin, as a cuticle cream, on scratches and just about anywhere that needs a little bit of TLC. Have a look at my full review here. $9.90/45.00g
bubble gum lip scrub ♥ Lip Scrub – If you suffer from dry, sore lips then you need to get some lip scrub in your life. This sugary treat gently exfoliates away the dead skin leaving you with smooth kissable lips. I use this a couple of times a week to keep my lips looking and feeling good – especially in the winter time or if I am wearing a lot of matte lipsticks. $12.50/25.00g

♥ Bath Bombs – The absolute best thing to use after a long day of work, school or a heavy weekend of socialising, I am yet to come across a bath bomb that is even in competition with the ones you find at Lush. Seriously, so amazing! My friend Candy is also a huge Lush fan like me and rates Phoenix Rising as her top favourite, followed closely by Twilight.

. phoenixrising-500x500