My Collection of Collection Cosmetics

collection cosmetics

Collection Cosmetics have been taking up some space on my makeup table for quite some time now. Not only are there some fabulous products, but they are affordable and so easy to find while your doing your weekly food shop. Today I have pulled together my top 4 favourite products from Collection Cosmetics

♥ Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer

This concealer is long lasting and blends nicely on the skin on top of foundation. It has high coverage while still being smooth and silky. I use the doe-foot applicator to apply the product to my skin and then blend with a dabbing motion with either my ring finger or the tip of my beauty blender. It claims to last 16 hours, however I haven’t ever worn makeup for a full 16 hours before. I can tell you that some days it lasts longer and better than my foundation though.

♥ Big Fake Curves False Lash Effect Mascara

At first this mascara really freaked me out because the wand is seriously huge, as in the biggest mascara brush/wand I have ever seen or used. It takes a little bit of practice to wangle this one, but once you get the trick the results are amazing. The brush is very flexible allowing you to get every little lash and the formula gives you big, thick, ultra black lashes. I use the mascara horizontally for my top lashes and then hold it vertically to get to my lower lashes and in the inner corner. The key for the top lashes is to get the brush as close as possible to the base of your lashes and roll it up through them. I would also recommend wiping off any excess product from the brush before using on your lower lashes.

False lash mascara

♥ Bright & Glow Brightening BB Cream

Although lightweight, this BB cream has probably some of the highest coverage I have experienced with a BB Cream. It applies and blends easily. After setting with a powder Bright & Glow can easily last you through the day. The shade I am currently using (shade 2, medium-dark) at first glance in the tube seems way too dark for me, but the colour thins out a bit once on my face and gives me a nice glow meaning that I don’t need to worry about applying bronzer . The SPF 30 means your face is safe from the sun, it also gives the product that classic sun block scent but that doesn’t bother me.

♥ Deluxe Lipstick 02 ‘Talullah’

This pale pinky nude is smooth and creamy. It feels really moisturising on my lips and is a great shade for every day wear. Also it smells really yummy, it has that kind of classic lipstick smell with a touch of something else. I don’t know what it is, but it reminds me of home baking which is always good! You will need to reapply this lipstick throughout your day, but you won’t mind doing so because of it’s hydrating feeling. The packaging is simple, sleek and secure.

Talluah swatch

What’s your favourite Collection Cosmetics product?

* Mascara and concealer purchased by me, BB Cream and lipstick were PR samples.