My Favourite MAC Cosmetics products

MAC Favorites

These are my favourite MAC Cosmetics products. The ones which I re-buy and use on a regular basis, the kind I would consider to be makeup essentials and the products I would recommend if someone was buying MAC products for the first time. MAC Cosmetics has such a huge range of products that I find it interesting my favourites are mostly base products and quite kind of plain. I guess it goes to show that the classics are often the best!

It was pretty easy to pick these ones out as they were the products which sit at the front or on the top of my makeup storage for constant easy access. My top favourites are the Studio Fix Fluid, Pro Longwear Concealer, Studio Fix Powder, Lightscapade Mineralize Skin Finish, ‘Shroom’ Eye Shadow and the amplified lipsticks.

♥ Studio Fix Fluid is a nice, medium to full coverage foundation that is dependable, like a perfect fitting little black dress or a decent boyfriend. Especially if your skin is on the more oily or combination side. I know that it will give me even coverage every time and it’s quick and easy to apply with a brush or Beauty Blender. It lasts the whole day unless my skin is being crazy shiny (which happens now and then and I just blot my face gently to fix it) and the large colour range means you can find a match for your summer and winter skin. I think it is a great first MAC foundation. If you want something like this but lighter go for Water Weight.

♥Pro Longwear Concealer is almost always underneath my eyes and on any blemishes or redness I have. I like how it’s full coverage but not too thick and that it stays in place. It’s just such a trust worthy product that doesn’t take a lot of fiddling round with, which is why it’s one of my favs. The only problem is how the pump will always give you double the amount of product you want and never let you get the last bit  out of the bottom, but I still love it anyways.

♥Studio Fix Powder and I have a love/hate relationship, but I’ve finally figured out what makes this product tick. I use to use it over heavy foundation to set my face and found it never quite worked how I wanted it to. For the last couple of months I’ve been using it as a light foundation/coverage for work and it works amazingly and keeps the shine away.

MAC cosmetics

♥Lightscapade Mineralize Skin Finish is such a pretty highlighter which gives a nice glow that can be left as a subtle glow or built up brighter. It isn’t too over the top glittery and has no problem lasting all day. I have had mine for a year and a half now and am nowhere near hinting pan! A little goes a long way which is always good.

♥ Shroom Eye Shadow is a great product because it is multi-use. Not only is it a great essential shade of eye shadow but it can be used to highlight your brow bone, cheekbones, cupids bow and I’ve even used a dab to the centre of my lips over lipstick to make them appear a little plumped. I’ve been using this single eyeshadow for ages and still nowhere near pan. I’m sensing a theme here, quality and quantity!

MAC amplified lipsticks

♥ Amplified Lipsticks have filled up my MAC lipstick collection, not intentionally, it’s just happened. I seem to be naturally drawn towards the amplified shades, I think it’s because they are always nice and creamy yet bright colours. My ultimate favourites are the classic barbie pink ‘Saint Germain’ and ‘Up The Amp’, a pretty lavender violet.

What are your favourite MAC products? Are some of my favourites yours too?

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