My MAC Lipstick Collection

MAC lipstick collection

Ahhh… MAC lipsticks, the range of colours, the sleek black bullet packaging, that delicious vanilla scent and that buttery smooth application to your lips. There are so many things I love about MAC lipsticks which has resulted in my little collection. It may not be huge, but it is filled with a lot of makeup love and happiness. I currently own six MAC lipsticks, one LipGlass and one Cremesheen Glass. Unfortunately MAC is a bit more pricey than I would like here in NZ, however most of my MAC lipstick purchases have been from overseas.

After reading about Cassandra’s MAC lipstick collection, I was inspired to share my own.

Mac lipstick collection

From left to right – (please excuse their messy uneven tips, they are well loved and well used!)

♥ Heroine // a bright purple/violet. Heroine has a satin finish and is medium to dark (pretty dark on me). I usually reserve this shade for autumn and winter, it suits the darker seasons perfectly.

♥ Violetta // purple with a warm undertone, a slight shimmer and a frost finish. This is my newest lipstick to the collection, you can see it in my latest MAC haul here.

♥ Up the Amp // a pinky purple that goes opaque on the lips. This is my most worn lipstick ever (tied with one other). It’s such a nice shade, can be worn for an every day look or something a bit more out there.

♥ Viva Glam Nicki 2 // described as a pastel lavender pink with an amplified finish. It is super cool toned and although I wish I could wear it every day, it only works alongside certain looks. It is soo pretty though.

♥ Saint Germain // a blue based pale pink with an amplified creme finish. To me this is the perfect Barbie pink shade and is the first MAC lipstick shade I ever owned. This is my other most worn lipstick (tying with Up the Amp). I love it and I wear it so much.

♥ Girl About Town // another pink with blue undertones….I’m starting to see a theme here! This medium-dark fuchsia pink has become my version of the classic red lip. It also has an amplified creme finish.

Mac lipstick swatches

I also own two MAC lip glasses. Anthurium from the Maleficent collection which is a clean bright red and Galaxy Rose which is a CremeSheen glass. I’m not a big red lip person, however whenever I feel the need for a bright red Anthurium is the first product I look for. Galaxy Rose is a raspberry pink which has a very glossy finish. I usually can’t stand gloss, however this shade is amazing and it isn’t sticky at all.

Next on my MAC lipstick wish list is a nude shade (maybe Creme De Nude or Velvet Teddy), Candy Yum Yum and Snob. What MAC lipstick are you dying to get your hands on? Is there any shades you love and want to recommend? 

  • I like the look of Up The Amp. My most worn MAC lipsticks recently are Syrup and Velvet Teddy. Love love love Syrup. Perfect everyday colour.

    • Up the Amp is super nice. I bought it from just looking at the swatch on the M.A.C cosmetics website and am so glad I did! I really need an everyday nude shade, i’m thinking Velvet Teddy.

  • Love your collection (and thanks for the shout out too!) My sis has Up The Amp and she loooves it, definitely one I need to pick up soon! x

    • You totally inspired me to share, hadn’t thought about it before then! Do it – it’s so wearable!

  • You have a gorgeous MAC collection Laura 🙂 Saint Germain is my all time favourite x

    • Thanks Kay! I often see your lipsticks online and love the shades you chose. I think we have similar lipstick shade taste =)

  • Those are nice and well loved looking lipsticks. Violetta is one I haven’t heard much about but I like it more than Heroine actually. I love Syrup and wear it all the time, it’s nearly finished. I have snob but it’s just too pale for me and looks a bit funny, I don’t wear it much really.

    • Hahaha very well loved looking. Yeah, I didn’t do any research on Violetta before buying it. I had just seen a friend wear it and it looked amazing. However I think I’ve worn it once max. I need to wear it more. Do you own Saint Germain? I’d love to know how snob compares to that in colour.

      • I haven’t tried Saint Germain but looking at now, it looks very similar. I have a swatch of snob on my blog. You could probably google a comparison.

        • I’ll check out your swatch! Yeah, I might even go in store and compare =)

  • Ooh love this post. My favourite mac lipsticks are blankety and faux. Just recently got modesty which I am super excited about! I had up the amp and loved it but it’s mia. I always lose my stuff hahah

    • I have had my eye on Blankety for quite a while! Oh No! You need to find your Up the Amp, it’s soooo pretty!

  • Candy Cain

    I love my Up the Amp! You need Candy yum yum. I wear mine about once a week! I got Show Orchid today and I think I need St Germain or Snob in my life.

    • Yes, I do really, really need Candy Yum Yum in my life. I just looked up Show Orchid, it’s soooo pretty! I bet it looks amaze on you!

  • Beautiful Bedlam

    Girl About Town is so gorgeous <3 I am such a huge fan of pink lipsticks, I am definitely going to add this to my collection. We've done a MAC lipstick collection post on our blog too, please check it out if you get the chance xoxo

    • It is such a lovely colour, your comment has reminded me that I need to wear it more! Loved your post!