My top pink lipsticks of all time

pink lippysPink is and always has been my favourite colour. So it’s only natural that it is my go-to lipstick colour for all types of different looks and events. Pink is my nude lip and my classic red, below are my top 6 favourites of all time.


Saint Germain by MAC is always my first pick. It is a perfect barbie shade and matches amazingly with a smoky eye. I love its creamy consistency. I usually purchase my MAC in-store at MAC Britomart, but my next purchase will be from using YouShop.


Shocking Pink, NYX. This is such a pigmented, bold berry shade. The matte finish lasts all day and it is such great value. It definetly is to be worn as the highlight of your look. or have these NYX matte lipsticks for around $6.00 USD


Great Pink Planet, Lime Crime. This opaque, bright baby pink shade is smooth and moisturising. I purchase my Lime Crime products from, there is free shipping on orders over $25 and shipping is also super speedy!


DollHouse Pink, by Wet n Wild is a super bright semi-matte pink. It really makes an impact and at $2.75 USD a lippy you really don’t have an excuse not to have this. The quality is incredible for the price. Find it at beautyjoint!

Revlon’s Colour Burst lip sticks are great for everyday wear as they give a great pop of colour (without being OTT) while moisturising like a balm. This shade called Candy Pink is my top pick. I buy all my Revlon instore at Farmers.


Lime Crimes Velvetine in Pink Velvet – goes on like a liquid and dries matte. Have a look at my full review on this one here.


Last, but not least, have a look at Lime Crimes Geradium and Wet n Wild, Pinkerbell. These two lipsticks are a gorgeous coral pink which has a soft matte feel. If you are looking for a Lime Crime dupe then Pinkerbell is the perfect match, although I can’t say I have found many differences between the two, which is why I couldn’t pick a favourite!