Naked Basics Palette Review – Do I use it even though I already have Naked2 & 3?


The Naked Basics Palette collection are like the cute little babies of the Naked collection. Small, cute, easy to carry around and they just have the bare essentials – no extra baggage. I found myself lusting a lot over the Naked Basics palettes even though I already own Naked 2 & 3 – you know how that justification process goes in your head

Practical voice: Will I even use it? I mean, seriously, I already have two.

Not so practical voice: Yes you totally will, and look how easy they are for travelling!

Practical: You are suppose to be saving and really don’t need another god damn eye shadow palette.

Not so: Your favorite shade Booty Call has hit pan and Naked Basics will make everything okay again! And besides, you don’t even have Naked 1 so it’s not ridiculous at all!

And the not so practical voice wins out once again, hey, it had some really strong points.

I love how compact and light Naked Basics is and it is definitely much easier to carry around then my much larger Naked Palettes. Despite its smaller size the palette is still very strong and sturdy and I have no concerns with having it floating around my handbag or overnight bag. The six shades are exactly what you need for a nice neutral look and it’s simple to create a bit more drama with the matte black shade ‘Crave’. Although it doesn’t include a dupe or substitute for my favourite shade ‘Booty Call’ I really like using the first two shades in the same way I would ‘Booty Call’, as a over all base, brow bone highlighter and inner eye highlight. Of course as with all Urban Decay eyeshadows these shades are lovely, smooth and set perfectly on the eyelid.


So yes, I do use my Naked Basics palette, even though I already own Naked 2 & 3. I am using my Naked 2 slightly less than before since buying Basics and my Naked 3 exactly the same amount as before. I can’t compare Naked Basics to Naked 1, however in my opinion Basics is kind of like a best of collection from Naked 2. So if you are a big fan of that palette already or aren’t ready to commit to the larger palette then Basics is for you. However it’s very different to Naked 3 – I use mine mostly for night time looks, so Naked Basics and Naked 3 could be a really nice combo to cover you day and night.

naked basics swatches

The only draw back I have is that due to the compact size Basics doesn’t come with it’s own brush or space to keep a brush inside the palette. I really love the brushes which come with the larger Naked palettes as the duo ends allow me to spread product where I want and also create much more defined looks or use a shade as eyeliner. It means I have to remember to throw in a brush or two when I’m packing a weekend bag, but that’s okay.

Do you have any of the Naked Palettes? If so which one? I’d love to hear what peoples favourites are and whether I’m not the only crazy one who has three of them in total!