Neutrogena Hyrdro Boost Water Gel

Neutrogena Hyrdro Boost Water Gel

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is one of their newest moisturisers. It seems targeted towards those with dry skin and/or dull skin that needs some intense hydration. Neutrogena used to be my go-to for moisturisers back in the day, before I developed dermatitis, now that all that has calmed down I decided to give it a try. I heard about Hydro Boost online and ended up grabbing it on a whim from my local supermarket (you can see my March haul where I picked this up among other things here). Here’s what I think of it!

I think it’s important to note that I wouldn’t say I have dry skin, which this product is specifically catering to, however I definitely have dehydrated skin. I get oily through my T-zone, have occasional breakouts and years of acne drugs and strong pimple fighting creams mean that my skin can feel quite dried out at times not really on the surface of my skin, but deeper down. Also along with my dreaded dermatitis that lurks about my skin can be pretty sensitive at times. Even with these issues trying Hydro Boost wasn’t too scary as it is oil free and non-comedogenic.

The thing that got me really excited about the Water Gel is that it’s packed with hyaluronic acid which holds over 1,000 times it’s weight in water. And that’s exactly what I was wanting, all of the moisture and water in my skin. I really like my skincare to have a bit of science behind it, so that part appeals to me (click here for another fabulous review on Hydro Boost with a bit more sciencey info).

It feels really good on the skin, the gel instantly makes my skin feel more hydrated as well as making the surface of my skin really soft and smooth to the touch. It soaks into the skin very quickly which I like and is in no way oily or too heavy. I’ve been using Hydro Boost for three weeks now and it hasn’t made me breakout or irritated my skin which is really an achievement. It’s supposed to be used as a daily moisturiser, the kind of thing you put on in the morning after washing your face, but I’ve used it at night quite a few times as well. After using it at night I always wake up with really plump feeling and looking skin, the kind of feeling I get after a facial which is an awesome result.

Neutrogena Hyrdro Boost Water Gel

Another bonus is that you can just pick it up from the supermarket and it’s affordable at approx $30 a tub. I’m interested to see how long it lasts me as I feel like I’ve used quite a lot in just three weeks, it looks about half full now. I think the biggest issue here is with the tub/jar packaging you tend to scoop out more than you actually need. Also I am not overreacting when I say the fragrance of the gel is exactly the same as shampoo. It doesn’t bother me, though I’d prefer something less chemical smelling. My boyfriend also informs me that it tastes like shampoo… sometimes he likes to help me out with my reviews haha. The scent could be an issue for sensitive skin, but as I said it hasn’t been a problem for me.

All in all I am a big fan of this moisturiser, it will continue to be my daily fav unless something else better comes onto the scene (I might get back into my Murad moisturiser). I am also considering trying some more of the range, there’s a night cream and also some face masks (you can read about them here).

Have you tried anything from the Hydro Boost range? What did you think of it?

Neutrogena Hyrdro Boost Water Gel jar