New House = New Habits

new house new habits

As some of you may know I recently moved house, I used the move as motivation to do a big clean out of my belongings. I got rid of unnecessary bits and bobs, old books, clothes I never wear and even cleaned out my makeup using the famous Kon Marie method. Now that I am moved in and almost entirely unpacked I’m focusing on getting into new routines, so new house = new habits. Here’s the habits I want to create!

♥ Not letting my makeup desk get out of control, I’ve got a whole new set up for my makeup products now and I’m enjoying my new slightly downsized collection. Sorting through it all made me see exactly what I have and I’ve found that I’m using more products which in the past were kind of forgotten about. Everything has a place now so there’s no excuse for it to get out of hand, but I still do need to come up with some kind of organisation system for PR samples which have just arrived and also empties that I am collecting for blog posts. I’m really hoping to keep this space much tidier and as a result more inspiring!

♥ Sorry skincare, moving can be so stressful and I’ve have quite a few other things going on all at the same time, due to this my skincare routines have totally slipped. I want to get back into properly cleansing morning and night and not just reaching for my makeup wipes. Waking up with panda eyes is getting pretty old and I can definitely see the difference in my skin. My new plan is to get back to my Murad regime and to remove my makeup before reaching for my cleanser so that it can actually do its job. I’ve started removing my makeup with Blue Coconut coconut oil and thats going well! I’m also on the hunt for a new eye serum.


♥ Quality over quantity, sorting through my clothes made me realise that I had a bunch of items that were ‘cool’ for maybe like two weeks tops and that a lot of my basics which I wear often were just really shitty quality. Some things were so out of shape which is frustrating and unflattering, other things were practically falling apart. I’ve decided that with an upcoming shopping trip for work clothes I am going to look at pieces which are better quality and versatile rather than trying to find on trend bargains.

♥ Craft time, something I quite like doing is little craft projects, especially if its making something cute for a friend or a handmade card for a winner of a giveaway. I find it relaxing and it always feels super good to have a finished product which looks really nice. In my new house I have a stocked up gift wrapping and craft drawer that I want to put to good use. I think I’m going to make another mini piñata and start putting together another care package for my friend in Korea. I also am borderline obsessed with trying out these insane asian mini cooking kits, where you make mini edible versions of meals. That’s kind of arts and crafts right?

Are you currently trying to set in any new habits for the winter? What are they? Also what do you think is the best way to start a new habit and stick to it?