New Year Makeup resolutions

New Year

Haven’t yet decided on a New Year resolution? How about a New Year makeup resolution? Last year I set myself the resolution of not spending so much money on makeup and it went really well. I became more aware of my spending along with what I already owned. Today I am sharing my New Year makeup resolution ideas and tips to help you achieve your goals!

♥ Stop spending so much money on makeup

If you are wanting to get your finances in better order this year, cutting down on how much money you spend on makeup can really help your budget. I found that it was all about firstly realising what I already had and how much I already had. I kicked this off with doing a big clean out of all my makeup and becoming more aware of exactly what I owned. This stopped me buying extra things that I didn’t need. Giving yourself an allowance for makeup spending, setting limits of what you can and can’t buy and looking for sales can also help. Get some more tips on how to stop spending so much money on makeup by clicking here.

♥ Clean out and organise

The new year can be the perfect time for a spring clean. Set aside some time to go through your makeup collection and divide products into three piles, keep, give away or donate and rubbish. If anything has expired, smells weird or just doesn’t look quite right get rid of it. Products which are still perfectly good but just aren’t quite right for you can be given to friends and family. If you have products which you’ve never used they can be donated to organisations such as Look Good Feel Better. After a clean out is a great time to reorganise your collection and decide on how you store and display it. I have my makeup in a combination of acrylic drawers (mine are from Farmers) and storage along with some cute plastic organisers. For some other organisation ideas, click here.

♥ Actually finish products

Not long ago I teased my Nanna and Mum for using lip brushes as I have always felt they are pretty old fashioned, but they turned the tables on me when they said they use them to get the last amounts of lipstick out of the barrels and I quickly realised that I’ve never had that issue because I never get to the bottom of my lipsticks! If you find that you never actually finish anything because you have so many other products to try and use then this could be a resolution for you. Challenge yourself to use up a product before buying another of a similar kind. It’s more hygienic and you’ll save money!

Top view of cosmetics bag, magazines and iPhone 6

♥ Learn a new trick

Whether you want to perfect a no makeup makeup look or finally nail your winged liner, the new year can be a great time to learn, especially if you aren’t back fully at work yet and have a bit of extra time on your hands. Watch Youtube, follow artists on Instagram, ask friends to come over and teach you, book in a lesson at makeup counter and then practice, practice, practice!

♥ Wash your brushes more often

This is a chore which I procrastinate over until I literally have no brushes left to use. It’s really important to regularly clean your brushes not only to get rid of bacteria but also to keep your brushes working as best they can. And once you get started washing them it’s actually not that bad as long as you have a decent brush cleaner or shampoo. I use either my Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser or the Daiso brush shampoo (you can read about that more, here). It’s important that you dry them upside down so that water isn’t running down into the handle and softening the glue. I use a Benjabelle brush tree to safely hold and dry my brushes.

If you have a New Year makeup resolution share it below!