No Buy July

Online shopping

This month I found myself unintentionally involved in No Buy July. A time of the year where people use a cute rhyme to try and stop spending so much money or ban themselves from buying particular items. I’ve never really thought to get involved in one of these month goal things because I believe if you want to do something or change something then there’s no better time than now. Also, imagine having to wait to start a goal until a month came around which you could rhyme with! But, at the start of the month without realising it, I declared to myself and a few friends that I wasn’t buying any makeup this month – and accidental No Buy July begun. 

This makeup buying ban came around because it was just time for a bit of a break. I looked at my makeup desk and could see that I clearly didn’t need anything, in fact a small pile of recently arrived makeup which I haven’t even tried out yet was staring me straight in the face. In June I had done a couple of online hauls (Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics) as well as treating myself to some much needed new haircare, so it wasn’t like I was missing out. Also, I knew my bank account would really appreciate it and perhaps the month break could even lead to some extra money being stashed away for a rainy day…. or holiday.

I stopped window shopping the cosmetics area of stores because I was worried I would crack. Although the one time I did go and check out a couple of my favourite brands in Farmers I was pretty impressed with myself for walking out with nothing. Avoiding online shopping was a little harder because I’m online all the time. There were a few moments when I had to snap out of a little daze where I suddenly realised I was flicking through multiple online beauty stores. I was proud of myself when a friend selling some Jeffree Star lipsticks offered them to me and I firmly said no, remembering my collection of four at home.

makeup brushes

The hardest part was when I realised I was completely out of my two daily cleansers, my Murad Clarifying Cleanser and AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser. I hadn’t considered whether skincare was a part of my No Buy July, but somehow going online and adding them to my cart felt like cheating. I didn’
t buy them, and spent awhile convincing myself that a week or so without them wouldn’t send my skin into total chaos.

Today, being the 1st of August is the official end of No Buy July, and this post is proof that I survived. Now,
of course I am aware that suffering through a No Buy July is really a basic issue and very much a 1st world problem. But I think the feeling of setting a goal and achieving it, no matter how silly or small is important. Achieving this goal also lead to a few other positive things. It encouraged me to look at the way I spend and budget which is something a lot of people probably don’t do enough of, it allowed me time to consider and prioritise products that I want to buy and to get that ‘new makeup’ feeling I found myself using products I already own but either hadn’t even opened yet or hadn’t used in a long time. I ended up finding my new favourite BB Cream and mascara this way, right in my very own makeup drawer!

Did you do No Buy July? Or Dry July? Or anything else that rhymes with July? I’d love to know how you went and how you feel now that it’s over!