NZ Fashion Weekend Survival Pack

fashion NZ Fashion Weekend – it’s finally upon us! Since Tuesday this week all of the fabulous people have been attending shows and making lots of “ooooooo” “ahhhhhhh” sounds at the looks down the runway. Tomorrow morning NZ Fashion Weekend begins, my favourite part of the whole week and one of my favourite events of the whole year! If you still for some crazy reason haven’t got your tickets yet then have a look here at my top show picks. However if you have got your tickets sorted and are now just left panicking about what to wear, let me help you out and take some stress away! This NZFW will be my fourth in a row, so I have put together my advice and experience to help you make sure you have your NZ Fashion Weekend survival pack (handbag) ready to go!

Now I’ll be honest, I am still yet to fully settle on my outfits for the weekend. For Saturday I have a maybe option, an ‘on it’s way from Australia’ option and the old ‘late night shopping the night before’ option. Sunday is the day I will be backstage blogging, so I am thinking black and a little more practical. However, no matter what I am wearing I will coordinate a bag to match, and have all the essential items inside it which I need to get through the weekend without any tears or tantrums.

At the moment I am not really a handbag girl and have been using simple clutches or simply taking no more than what fits in a pocket out with me. But, these bags from Forever New have caught my eye and may end up featuring in the ‘late night shopping the night before’ saga. forevernew bags


Getting down to the nitty gritty of it all, what do you actually need to have on you at NZFW? Below are the items which I have taken with me to every single NZFW show I have attended.

Lush Ultra Balm: This multi use moisturising balm can tend to many beauty needs – dry lips, cuticles, scratches, itchy bites and it can even keep your brows in place if you have a sneaky little hair that keeps moving out of place.

Long Lasting Lipstick: You need to chose a shade for your lips which will last through the day with eating, drinking, laughing and shopping. I am thinking about going with my Australis VelourLips or one of my Lime Crime Velvetines.

♥ Makeup Setting Spray: Another essential to keep your makeup on point throughout the day, I use MAC Fix +. If you don’t have a setting spray then hairspray does the trick, however I’m sure it’s not great for your skin so use it as a one off!

Sunglasses: For the last two years it has been relatively sunny over Fashion Weekend with a bit of a cool wind, so don’t forget your sunnies! Especially if you’re heading out for lunch on the waterfront afterwards.

Eye Cream: If you’re thinking an afternoon show and drinks is going to turn into a late night, make sure you have a good eye cream on hand to look as fresh as ever the next day. My daily morning eye cream is Benefits ‘It’s Potent’ and I’ll also be making sure I have my Linden Leaves Eye Rescue Serum near by.

A Manicure: Beautifully manicured and painted nails are your best accessory for the weekend. Match your nails to your outfit or try out some nail art.

Credit Card: All tickets purchased for the weekend give you automatic entry to the Designer Garage Sale where you can pick up clothing and accessories from your favourite designers for heavily discounted prices. Last year I got a Stolen Girlfriends Club tie-dyed maxi dress which is perfect for wearing over togs in the summer for $20.00!

nz fashion weekend I will be live tweeting, Instagraming and blogging all weekend from NZ Fashion Weekend at the Viaduct Events Centre from the front row and from backstage (I am super excited to be working with WE ARE ANTHOLOGY on the NZFW Backstage Blog) –  if you’re around on the weekend come and say hi!!!