Oasis Rhino Repair – dermatitis saviour!

oasis rhino repair starting using Oasis Rhino Repair about 2 weeks ago now with lots of high hopes. As someone who suffers from frustrating dermatitis around my eyes I am always looking for products which firstly offer me relief, and secondly actually help my dermatitis go away.

This is a problem I’ve been dealing with for years now. I don’t want to sound like a typical ‘first world problems’ kind of girl, but when my skin on my face gets bad it really affects the way I live my life. It makes me sad, grumpy, shy, unconfident and stops me from doing things I love to do. Of course I’ve been to the doctors trillions of times about my skin, however the treatments often only offer short term help and come with bundles of side effects.  

Before trying Rhino Repair I was using a pretty expensive cream on prescription, it helped calm my dermatitis but didn’t offer any relief to the dryness or itchiness. It also took a long time to start working and stung when a bit got in my eyes. It would clear my skin for a day or so but then I’d wake up with raw eyes again. A few of my blogging friends recommended Oasis to me for my sensitive skin but I was a bit nervous about how it would be around my eyes.
After using Oasis Rhino Repair for 24 hours I barely had any dermatitis left and the skin around my eyes felt good! Smooth, moisturized, not stinging or itching. I’ve been using it twice a day and I have had not a single little bit of raw, angry skin come up. This cream is a life saver! Not only does it actually work but it also is affordable, NZ made and natural. For around my eyes I only need to use the tiniest bit meaning that the full size tube is going to last me ages and ages. Another massive positive is that it is one of those creams which can be used for everything and anything. I’ve started taking it in my handbag with me everywhere I go and I am already planning on taking it with me for my big trip to South East Asia at the end of the year. 
♥ Pros:
Actually works in relieving dermatitis (completely got rid of mine)
Affordable and economical ($39.99 for a 115 ml bottle which will last me well into it’s use by date)
Cruelty free, natural ingredients and made in NZ
Easy to purchase online and in stores: http://www.oasisbeauty.co.nz
♥ Cons:
I honestly haven’t been able to come up with any…. people might steal it from you maybe?
* The Oasis Rhino Repair cream was a PR sample, however all opinions are my own.