The one thing I hate about MAC…..

mac lipsticks If I had to pick one thing that I hate about MAC it would be this ……… they are bringing out so many amazing limited edition collections this year and I want it all, but I can’t have it all!!! It’s actually impossible to keep up with them all (and for my bank account to keep up too!) Collaborations, collections and limited edition sets are so cool because you are getting some super special and depending on the collection you might be getting two things you love in one. I am a real sucker for cute packaging and this is where MAC’s limited releases really get me!

mac simpsons collection

The next collaboration coming out hits online on August the 26th and will be in-store on September the 4th. MAC x Marge The Simpsons Collection consists of false lashes, lip glosses, nail stickers, two eye shadow palettes and two blushes. To me it holds a huge amount of 90’s nostalgic and just makes me smile. I love the way the false lashes are a play against Marge’s infamous four lash look. MAC-2014-Fantasy-of-Flowers-Collection-2

Some other recent releases have been the Proenza Schouler Spring collection, the Sharon and Kelly Osbourne collection, Viva Glam Rihanna, the Maleficent range, the Playland collection and A Fantasy of Flowers. And of course, we can’t forget Lorde’s collaboration resulting in the Penultimate eye liner and Pure Heroine lipstick. See, I told you, there has been soooo many!

past mac collections 2

The tough part about some of these collections is that once they are gone, they’re gone. It’s that thing which makes them special which makes the pieces heart breaking as well. The things I would do to have even just one lipstick from the Barbie Loves MAC collection or the Hello Kitty collection! I love the look of the Sugar Sweet eye shadows from the 2009 collection and now and then an Archie Girls blush or highlighter pops up on WIW on Facebook which I am crazy tempted to buy. The bright pink and glitter on the packaging of the Heatherette pieces just grabs at the 12 year old me and the current 23 year old me all at the same time.  past mac collections

So tell me, what has been your favourite MAC collection or limited edition range of all time?!? Is there a range from the past that you wish they brought back?

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