Opalescence go – Getting My Pearly Whites White!

teeth collage image There is not a single person in the world that wouldn’t be a little interested in having whiter teeth. I myself have fantasised on a few occasions about having one of those picture perfect Hollywood smiles, but I am lucky that my teeth are naturally not that bad. I’ve never needed braces as they are all pretty straight and they are cavity free – however I may never forgive my jaw for pushing through all four wisdom teeth at the same time only for me to have to get them all surgically removed! The colour of my teeth is the only thing I’d really like to change as having antibiotics as a toddler and also just living my life (drinking coffee, coke etc) has left them a little yellow. So I jumped at the chance when I was contacted by Opalescence go to try out their new teeth whitening system which is coming to NZ!

Opalescence go is an at home teeth whitening kit which is super easy to use and can be tailored to your needs. There are different strengths which are available depending on the starting shade of your teeth and you can use the kit for different periods of time depending on your results. Each kit comes with these little trays, one for your top teeth and one for the bottom. You place the tray in your mouth, kind of suck the tray onto your teeth then take the outer part out. It leaves a white coloured thin tray which kind of moulds around your teeth, this is the part that you leave in to whiten your teeth. You then take it out when your times up and brush your teeth. Easy!

teeth kit

I used the 6% hydrogen peroxide kit each night for ten days and am really impressed with the results. I left the trays in for between 45 minutes to an hour each time (an hour is the maximum you can leave it in for). My biggest concern was that the trays would be uncomfortable and also that it would cause tooth sensitivity. In the past I have used the popular Crest Teeth Whitening Strips and ended up the next day with really sore, drained feeling teeth. The Crest strips have the same active ingredient (which is where my concerns lay), but I experienced no soreness or any kind of sensitivity with Opalescense go. The instructions explain that the formula is specifically made to decrease any sensitivity and also includes Potassium nitrate and fluoride to look after your teeth too. I am no kind of dentist or scientist, so that doesn’t all mean so much to me. I was just happy to get results without any pain. Also the trays were fine once I got the gist of how to put them in and it just became a part of my night routine.

So are my teeth actually whiter? Yes! And I have even had people saying to me without knowing that I’m using a product that they look whiter and brighter which is just the best kind of compliment. I really like that it is an easy treatment which I could just do myself at home and it was really fool proof too. I am happy with how my teeth are now; maybe in the future I might look at whitening them even further and using the stronger kit.

teeth before and after

Have you ever tried a teeth whitening kit or product? How did you find it?? You can find out more about Opalescence go click here to visit their Facebook page

P.S my apologies for the really not great quality photos, I swear to now start using my digital camera for blog shots rather than hitting the front cam on my iphone =) opalescence_go_mint_facing_right__copy

Make sure you always follow the instructions and maybe have a chat to your dentist before starting any kind of teeth whitening products just to check that it’s all okay for you!