Organising your makeup with the KonMari Method

KonMari Method makeup

Can makeup be organised using the hugely popular KonMari Method? I’ve tried it out and it is a super efficient way to do a clean out and get your beauty table organised. The KonMari Method is a huge trend right now based on the techniques of Marie Kondo, a massively successful Japanese business woman and writer. Her book, ‘The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying’ has sold over 1.5 million copies. The book takes you through each essential step of how to get rid of clutter forever, she claims that using her methods will mean that you don’t tidy up simply to have everything a mess again in a few weeks time.

This totally intrigued me and as I read her book I instantly saw how her ideas on cleaning out clothes, books and paper work could translate to my often messy makeup desk. I was also very interested in the fact that she says her techniques will stop you buying so many extra unnecessary things, as I looked at my mascara drawer and saw about 7 different mascaras which I don’t use. So I tried it out, only kept items which ‘sparked joy’ and this is how it turned out!

The first step in the KonMarie method is discarding items, and she states that this must be done before any kind of organisation starts. Marie recommends taking out every single item in the category you are working with (in my case, makeup) and laying it out on the floor so you can see exactly the volume of what you have. This is a pretty draining task if you have a lot of products, and you will realise that you have products in other random places you forgot about. You then must decide what to keep and what to get rid of. The idea is that you only keep items which ‘spark joy’ and make you happy. This may sound a little wishy washy, but as you start reviewing what you should keep and not keep you’ll get it. As you force yourself to get rid of things you kind of lurch towards the items you really love, use all the time and don’t want to part with. makeup storage

It’s important to not think about money wasting, just about what sparks joy and what doesn’t, and the doesn’t pile needs to go straight out the door before you think about it too much. Marie says that if you need up missing something that much you’ll go out and buy it again and treat it with more respect than before. I guess you don’t know how much you like something till it’s gone, right?

Next is the organisation/storing part and ensuring that you are caring for the products which you have decided to keep. According to the KonMari Method you have to store things in a way that the objects prefer e.g. particular types of clothing prefer different ways of folding and will chose to be folded in a drawer or on a hanger. For my makeup I think the best way is to store it is almost like a display, something that looks nice and is also practical. A space where nothing gets broken or damaged and my most used products are easy to reach for. I have my makeup desk and different storage methods to organise all my makeup with.

Another important part is that every single thing has a place that it belongs to and therefore that item always goes back to the same spot once you’ve finished with it. My drawers and little sectioned containers make it easier to give everything a place, and I’ve put things I use most often in the most easiest to reach places. I also have a section of my desk which is for new products which don’t have a place just yet, although this probably isn’t keeping with the KonMari Method I feel like I don’t have another option as I am regularly sent products and also buy products… quite often…. haha

the life changing magic of tidying

So at the end of all of this my desk is tidy and it looks good but I can’t help but wonder how long it will last for. Also I seriously don’t have enough space to put away my newer items which I know Marie would absolutely hate, (soz Marie!). This method of tidying is suppose to be life changing and long lasting, however she does state that it needs to be done as an entire process involving your whole home and most of your belongings. So just working the KonMari magic on just your makeup collection isn’t going to transform your whole life, but it might be a good start.