Paparazzi Perfect Hair Tips with Jason

jason hair care image Hi guys, I’m one of Laura’s 2 best-friends, Jason! Hair care is something that has always taken top priority in my life and I thought I’d share with you some of my tips and favourite products.

Some of you might not agree with the advice/routine I follow… everyone has different hair types and therefore it’s important to find what works best for you. For example, I wash my hair every morning – some will tell you this is a beauty faux pas, but I feel (and my hairdresser agrees) that for some it is necessary. Without this step in my morning routine my hair would be a greasy mess. Plus, using styling products in your hair (as I do) causes obvious over-night product build up and further exacerbates the grease factor and just general ickyness.

♥ Regular haircuts: You don’t have to go to Servilles to get a good quality cut (I don’t). It’s important you go to someone you trust and who knows your hair. I recommend paying a visit every 6 weeks. Even if just for a wee trim.

♥ Hair washing: As I mentioned, I wash mine every day. I need to. But how frequently you wash your hair is ultimately a personal choice but it is imperative you use a redken shampoo shampoo that works for your hair. My favourite shampoos are Wella –SP Colour Save, Wella Enrich and Redken – Real Control. I’m a huge advocate for Wella, I love the way they make my hair feel, smell and over a long-term use will greatly improve its condition. Price may be an issue though (these bad boys ain’t cheap) so look out for bargains or sale sites. But the feeling and fragrance is so worth it!

♥ Treatments: I recommend a hair mask once a week. Usually you leave them in for 5-10mins and rinse out in place of conditioning… perhaps shut the water off during wait time to save on water bill…I do! I am currently using Wella Enrich which is simply divine. Another very new product I had the fortune to try recently is the new SP Lux range… if you can afford to splash out on this one it’s a real gem!  welllla

After washing and conditioning/treatment-ing the next step before any styling (even blowdrying) is heat protection! I have an all time favourite product I swear by and would easily be one of my 3 items to accompany me in a stranded-desert-island scenario. Sorry not sorry. Sebastian – Trilliant. It is hands down the best heat protection on the market! It has a reflective shimmer complex which gives your hair extra shine as well as leaving it soft and smelling delish! I get wiffs of this product randomly when I’m walking hair treatment to work/driving/in meetings and it literally brightens my day. Start making those expressions-of-organ-donar interest-calls to the black market now though because it’s not cheap and probably only lasts me about 6 weeks? So worth it. Another goody and a multipurpose product is the Miracle Hair Treatment cream. I use this when I am too broke for Trilliant. Still realllly good though.

♥ GHD time! Straighten with a GHD only! All other straightening irons – no matter what that creepy Sweedish guy in the mall tells you – pale in comparison to the world renowned GHD. I know there’s a new flavour of the month iron all the time but just as the slogan for my favourite McDonalds burger reads- if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.

♥ Styling:  I have a secret product which ALL guys should be using! And any girls sporting a posh-spice-pixie-cut. Di:fi – d:struct (light blue container). This is the best styling crème for short hair and the one I always end up going back to. It’s a coconut/pineapple dream that like the Trilliant will give you wiffs of pleasure as the day goes on. It’s a very heavy product so I find a little goes a long way. My motto for male hair styling is if after you have applied the product you can see it, you’ve used too much. Girls- this is the perfect Christmas gift for the brother or the bae.

hair cream

♥ Last but not least: hairspray! An essential – especially for those windy days. I recommend Wella Professionals ‘Finish’ spray. It’s not too heavy yet still holds ya ‘do in place. Again, this product has an irresistible fragrance. This really just puts the cherry on the cake!